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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which of the (soon) current consoles do you intend to own by the end of 2020?


Which of the (soon) current consoles do you intend to own by the end of 2020?

Only Switch 553 36.29%
Only PlayStation 5 350 22.97%
Only Xbox Series X|S 97 6.36%
Switch + PS5 215 14.11%
Switch + XSX|S 82 5.38%
PS5 + XSX|S 18 1.18%
All three of them 49 3.22%
None of them 160 10.50%

I already own a NIntendo Switch, and getting a PS5 soon.

Preordered online and was relativity hassle free. Got it within minutes of preorders opening on Amazon. Guess I was lucky, as I heard it was a absolute nightmare for most people to get a hold of one. Can't wait to jump into next gen, 7 years is way too long!

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I already own a Switch, and I have thr Series X on pre order. Provided that stock allows it to be shipped before 2021, the PS5 will be the only missing console of the trifecta. I am not concerned about that one till the next God of War drops (likely to be delayed to 2022 or later), since I can play Horizon 2 on my PS4 Pro.

As for your bonus question, pre ordering a Series X was a fking nightmare. I will leave it at that.

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Just the Switch and it'll probably stay that way for a while until next-gen consoles get a decent amount of games I want to play.

I already have a Switch.

I plan on getting a ps5 for Demon Souls whenever Sony makes it easy to buy one. So timing is in their hands.

Xbox, no plans on buying. I have a Xbox One and frankly barely used it over the years. Outside Ori (which is now on the Switch) and Halo.... MS needs to bolster their exclusives to get my interest.

Got a Switch since 2018.
Don't intend to buy either of the new consoles anytime soon.

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Already have a switch and have a PS5 preordered. No reason to get an Xbox Series X/S, as it has nothing new to offer, no exclusives to speak of, nothing exciting with its controller, and is just...another Xbox with more powerful hardware. Hard pass.

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Currently have a Switch that my kids (11 & 13) and I share. I wanted to get a console that's releasing in November and asked my kids if they'd rather get the Xbox or now I have a Series X preordered. It was a bit of a hassle, but if it comes on time it won't be that bad overall. Harder than when I preordered Switch though.


I've had a Switch since day 1. I have a PS5 pre-ordered. Will also grab Demon's Souls day 1.

Series X I'll get whenever it becomes available. Was going to get it Day 1 with the all access payments, but that wasn't available in Canada at pre-order. So once I see it available, I'll sign up for All Access. 40 bucks a month with the inclusion of Game Pass seems like a steal to me.

getting that Series X baby.

Preorder was a laggy crashing mess but I managed to snap one up before they sold out

Heh, my Switch + low-end PC is suffisant right now, like I said, I'm waiting for Sony to make it's PSVR 2 announcement before considering the ownership of a PS5.

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