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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which of the (soon) current consoles do you intend to own by the end of 2020?


Which of the (soon) current consoles do you intend to own by the end of 2020?

Only Switch 553 36.29%
Only PlayStation 5 350 22.97%
Only Xbox Series X|S 97 6.36%
Switch + PS5 215 14.11%
Switch + XSX|S 82 5.38%
PS5 + XSX|S 18 1.18%
All three of them 49 3.22%
None of them 160 10.50%


Depending on MS' first party output potentially a XSX as well down the line.


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None of them this year. I will eventually get a PS5 but am not in a rush so all the people that desperately want it can fight over the stock that available this year and once the stock has normalize I grab one. I assuming that wont happen till next year.

Now for getting a GPU for my PC before end of year en garde.

Switch and PS5. Switch already have, PS5 will get in December with Spider man.

This really is the worst time to be releasing new consoles. Economic crisis, political unrest, supply shortages. I am a bit surprised they didnt decide to wait until next year. It's also weird to think the Switch offers a complete experience for $300 when only the Series S can hit $300 and Sony could only go as low as $400 for their budget model

Not jumping on the PS5 or XSX until next year.

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Switch + PS5 + Series X


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I plan to get a Series X when Hellblade 2 and Halo Infinite are out. That is if neither game ends up a disappointment. But I am in no rush.

I never buy systems at launch, or at least I never have; I can't think of a single one that ever had a good enough day 1 lineup to justify spending hundreds of dollars.

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Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023. (And over 130 million lifetime)

The Ps5, if I can find one.

I already have a Switch and a Fat Xbox One.
Xbox series S is going to be a good upgrade for me. (for the next 2 years at least)
PS 5 if they make a slim model.

I already own a Switch and someday I will purchase a PS5, but definitely not this year (most probably not anytime soon).