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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Celebrating 10 YEARS of VGC's Greatest Games Event!!

RolStoppable said:
I guess I'll participate in 2020 again.

Spoiler alert: I'll have a new number 1 this year.

Sign-up is here:

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10 years greatest game event!

bets: [peak year] [+], [1], [2], [3], [4]

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Machina said:
This isn't a criticism, because using the votes from every individual list from 10 years' worth of this event would be an absurd amount of work, so can totally understand why you just went with average rank. But using average ranking alone has produced some strange results, like Fire Emblem: Three Houses getting a higher rank (#29) than it achieved in the one year it was available for voting (#30). Same with Smash Bros. Ultimate (#15 but 'only' managing #17 in its first year).

A suggestion for the future to remedy this would be to allocate points to each position each year. For instance, a 100th position would be 1 point, a 1st position 100 points. Add all the points up and rank them from there. Might be some extra work, but I don't think it's much more, if any, than what he did already for this ranking.

What a great way to celebrate! Thanks @mZuzek for compiling this data, ON TOP of the huge amount of data you need to sift through every year for this event. This is truly above and beyond. You rock!

Great thread, I can't imagine all the work that went into it! Go Breath of the Wild, non-stop #1 since release.

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Wow, this must have been a ton of work! Well i guess i should say thanks for the awesome thread and the mention! I remember compiling my list in 2017, only since it was posted here though. Took me a while but funny enough, just for my own amusement i've actually kept it up to date. So i will try to post in this years' thread.



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Half a decade, where does the time go...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Greatttttttt work 

Fantastic stuff!!

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This is some phenomenal work!!! It's also great to see the users who have been involved in all this, brings me back! Count me in

You have put a lot of work in the thread, congrats.

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