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Forums - Sony Discussion - How Can Sony Expand Its Base with PS5?

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mjk45 said:
vivster said:
What's wrong with their current base?

The PS4 base is OK but the PS5 base is screwed literally

They just need to go to the base and scratch off the 4 and put a 5. It's not rocket science. They've done it the past 3 gens.

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Continuing to censor Japanese games certainly won't help expand it.

Travis Scott

Price of console, games and variety I would say.

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OneTime said:

In my opinion, one of the biggest differentiators that Sony has is the number of PSVR units they have out there. In fact, I would imagine that many early PS5 adopters will already own one.

Unfortunately, Sony has been very quiet about the future of PSVR, which I think is a marketing mistake.

It’s most likely not a marketing mistake. You mention this as if it is a certainty that the PS5’s VR solution already exists in a near final form factor. They probably have a clear vision of what they want the next headset to be, and probably don’t want it to be a simple incremental update. Motion controls are most likely going to be on a completely different level than what the first PSVR had, among other things we should expect to change. Developing those require time, and lots of trials and errors, and testing. 

The current set is compatible with the PS5 through an adapter Sony if giving at no extra charge to those owning the PSVR. So as long as that set is still supported, they can take the time required to come up with a product that won’t be half assed.

Until they have a working product that ups the experience enough to justify its price, there’s no reason to try to market it.

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It can't really, if you're talking about lifetime hardware sales. PS4 benefited from the mistakes of the Wii U and Xbox One. The PS5 is not as fortunate.
I do think something like Game Pass would be good for PlayStation, though.

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Keep making great exclusives, first party. Money-hat third party with big timed ones like FF. Make it a system you must own to play them. And do a price drop further in the consoles life cycle.

And OP, most powerful never has played a large factor in what makes a console successful. Its always the games. Also, Japan has been leaning towards mobile consoles for years now. The Switch and its successors will run away in that region.

My strategy would to follow the PS2 strategy. Take no prisoners when it comes to exclusives.

Though it didnt sell aswell as expected for Sony, however i believe the VR option was a decent attempt. VR2 would be interesting if they can make it even more affordable and add alot of quality of life features to it.

mjk45 said:
vivster said:
What's wrong with their current base?

The PS4 base is OK but the PS5 base is screwed literally

*claps* Not bad mjk45, not bad at all!

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According to ZHuge, PS5 pre - orders in the first 12 hours were greater than PS4 pre - orders in the first 12 weeks, at least in NA. The social media metrics have shattered all kinds of records, not just from Playstation related content, but video game content in general.

The PS brand is bigger than ever. Sony is setting up the PS5 as a premium experience with a next gen controller, overhauled UI, tech like the SSD & 3D audio, emphasizing the sensory experiences, boasting a strong first party portfolio, with a very attractive price point of $399. This isn't even considering RoTW markets where Sony is expanding the console market (at least for them).

I'd be surprised if the PS5 didn't outsell the PS4 lifetime.