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Forums - Sony Discussion - How Can Sony Expand Its Base with PS5?

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With how technology progresses, I think the "peak" performance for a console will remain in the ballpark between 100-120 Million units before it's replaced by the new generation model. Beyond those numbers is an abnormality that relies on hitting a mass market, cheap pricepoint that wouldn't realistically be long-term sustainable for a business model that the three platform holders go for. A brand new PS4 is still $299/£250 a full 7 years after launch. In comparison, you can buy a Switch Lite for $199/£179 merely 3 and a half years after the launch of the original Switch.

Granted, you can get some really sweet deals for a PS4 with games included, but you get the picture.

Sony could probably have kept the PS4 on the market for another couple years with a substantial pricecut to $250 or $199 and the introduction of a digital only model. Pushing lifetime numbers to what, 125? 130 Million?

Sony don't really need to "expand" that userbase. PS4 profits have shown that they can remain extremely successful while keeping numbers in the similar park as previous generation leaders. If they at least match the PS4, they're almost guaranteed to be more profitable and more successful with the continued growth of digital sales and PlayStation Plus. They'll eventually introduce the "Pro" model for PS5, the console itself is gigantic so you can absolutely expect a Slimline remodel at some point and Sony's own 1st party production is currently as strong as it's ever been while continually expanding.

The aim should be retaining the current userbase before wanting to expand. The last they they need is a PS3 situation where they let the competition eat into the market.


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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Hynad said:

This is all wishful thinking on your part, written in unsubstantiated hyperboles. 

It's not wishful thinking or hyperbolic.  PS5 is up against tougher competition.  That is a plain fact.  Nintendo and Microsoft have better offerings this time around than they did with the Wii U and XB1.

It is wishful thinking.  Which alt are you?  What does the Microsoft and Nintendo being in better situations have to do with why the PS5 will or won't sell?  If anything, it will finally put to rest this silly hot take that people like you so desperately love to hold on to.  What is the Xbox releasing to counter Spiderman and Demon's Soul this holiday for the Xbox Series S|X?  Why is Nintendo's holiday offering abysmal for 2020?  You should be answering those questions and see that Sony doesn't have that problem with the PS5.  Its a price/performance machine with decent (above decent) launch with more titles that moved the PS4 releasing early in the PS5's lifecycle.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

Metallox said:

What is getting totally screwed for you? 

Taking losses similar to PS3 years (or worse).  Not saying that it definitely will happen, but Sony is at risk of it happening if they don't adjust soon enough.

This graph doesn't even have the axis labeled. For all we know it can be a chart showing percentage of people getting a second job to get Playstation systems. 

What new technology is Sony introducing with the PS5 that will add to substantial cost equal to Blu-Ray and Cell from 2006?  Are you saying that even though the PS4 was a resounding success, that Sony will have learned nothing from it and immediately lose money even though first party launch titles and PSN revenue will help lessen hardware losses (as shown from their current earnings report, only 1.5 million hardware units shipped but they had operating income of 1 billion dollars).  Come on now, help us understand the mental gymnastics you're coming up with.

Price and games neither are there
Launch lineup is shit price is too high and doesn't deserve the price tag for this abysmal launch
I will wait for real next gen games and price cut and pro console that comes in two or three years of now




Hynad said:
OneTime said:
Hynad said:

It’s most likely not a marketing mistake. You mention this as if it is a certainty that the PS5’s VR solution already exists in a near final form factor. They probably have a clear vision of what they want the next headset to be, and probably don’t want it to be a simple incremental update. Motion controls are most likely going to be on a completely different level than what the first PSVR had, among other things we should expect to change. Developing those require time, and lots of trials and errors, and testing. 

The current set is compatible with the PS5 through an adapter Sony if giving at no extra charge to those owning the PSVR. So as long as that set is still supported, they can take the time required to come up with a product that won’t be half assed.

Until they have a working product that ups the experience enough to justify its price, there’s no reason to try to market it.

I didn't say anything about a new PS5 version of PSVR - I am talking about people who already own the PS4 headset.  So - where are the upcoming PS5 VR titles for people who want to upgrade?  

If there is one thing that Xbox does not have, it's an existing library of VR games and users who already own VR headsets.  I'd be marketing the hell out of this, personally...  "You want the option to do VR in the future?  Best get a PS5 then".

Every single PS5 units will be sold the moment they’re in stock for the foreseeable few months. So it really isn’t as if Sony needs to push its VR strategy right away to sell well in the short term. As for the marketing for VR, the first batch of PS5 is sold out, the second wave will be sold out most likely in minutes as well, yet they’ve barely started their marketing campaign. There are barely any ads about it on TV, and most of what is seen online isn’t advertising the console features much.

All of this will come in due time. I don’t see why you would “worry” about any of it.


Sorry about the late reply, I blame my isp it's handled by US election officials and apparently they are busy ,  now to the point  Sony was never going to push PSVR 2 during the launch of PS5 . regardless of how far along they are they will wait for clear air before they start the push .

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They can expand their base by making more games that appeal to different types of gamers. One good example of this would be an AnimalCrossing/StardewValley clone. The female and casual market for gaming is huge. Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft prove that.

@The_Liquid_Laser You are assuming that MS and Nintendo would somehow have eaten into PS4's user base had the Wii U and XB1 been decent consoles. But the Wii sold 100 million units, and the 360 sold 85 million units. That didn't stop PS3 from selling 86 million units lifetime. And remember a lot of lost PS3 sales were due to the $600 price tag. So a PS4 with serious competition from a Wii 2, and an Xbox 720 still would have sold 100 million units by now.

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Have you been under a rock? The dual sense haptic controller is one of the best featyres of next gen, as is the 3d audio which will be a major focus in the coming years. Along with the obvious visual sensory enhancements to come, now you get audio immersion taken to a whole new level, along with the feel and physical feedback senses that is reolutionary. All these combined will contribute immensely to a successful marketing campaign, and will bring in millions more.

I think they are already taking into some of that different market with a bigger showing for platformer / ps one style action / adventure games like R&C, Astro's playroom and Sackboy adventures.But I think having the following would also help:1) light gun games (miss these so much)2) family quiz games like Buzz 3) games like Theme parkThey also need one of each genre game I think that's their own. They did really good in third person action adventure, but not so hot in others. They could do with:1) arcade Racer2) beat'em up3) FPS4) MAG5) Folklore

I think it will be just fine, I know 3 people that did not own a ps4 and decided to switch from Xbox to PlayStation this generation. It has the best launch games, and should have the best games one year from now as well. It is going to take time for all of Microsoft's new studios to make new elusive games for Sony and in the meantime Sony will build a big lead.

Make up some more ncredible game ideas and market their radical potential. Honestly, I feel like Sony will always be the dominate force in console gaming just with their amazing 3rd party support from Japanese and Western Devs. All they have to do is not reinvent. Hopefully they go easy with VR. By that I mean continue making it the most affordable VR experience.