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So the PlayStation 5 launch is only a few weeks away. I am excited for the console and impressed with what it has to offer even though I likely will not buy one within the first year due to personal/financial reasons.

That being said, I am a fairly consistent PlayStation customer as I have owned all of their consoles. How does Sony plan to entice new customers to hop aboard with the PS5? If the PS5 sold equal to/repeated the success of the PS4 that would likely be enough but all console makers should seek to expand their base.

Nothing Sony has presented about the PS5 thus far seems like it would attract customers outside of their core market. I expect sales to continue to slide in Japan.

With other consoles and previous Sony consoles I could see the appeal to pitch to new customers:

Switch: Console quality gaming at home or on the go. Affordable prices. Amazing Nintendo 1st Party games available nowhere else. Decent 3rd Party support.

Xbox Series X|S: Most powerful console (X). Most affordable "next gen" console (S). Incredible value through Gamepass. Deep bench of MS owned 1st Party content.

PS4: Reasonable price. Most powerful console. Strong 1st party exclusives. Peerless 3rd Party support. PS VR.

How can/will Sony reach new customers with PS5?

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Buy Konami. Release Suikoden VI.

Signalstar said:

PS4: Reasonable price. Most powerful console. Strong 1st party exclusives. Peerless 3rd Party support. PS VR.

How can/will Sony reach new customers with PS5?

I mean, your PS4 analysis would mostly be justified for the PS5 too.

It's not just about features, it's about reach and moving to new markets.

Part of PS4's success has been gaining traction in different markets, such as the Middle East and expanding further into SEA. 

These will continue to develop. 

I still say they have to expand the ecosystem to expand the brand.

More hardware options (Tablets, Phones, Laptops), and more software (Education, Professional Editing, Business, Banking, etc.)

Sony needs to have all of their divisions building on PlayStation. They have Banking, Professional Editing Tools, Music Studios, Movie/TV Studios, a Mobile Division, a Camera division, and a Home Entertainment Division. Bring them all together.

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They need to continue with the approach they took for the PS4, and not get complacent and over-confident the way they did at the start of gen 7. With Cerny still at the helm of the hardware architecture, it’s likely they will continue in that route. But they also need to find a way to lead when it comes to innovation. They’re already starting well with the controller, Tempest Engine and their SSD controller, and that’s promising. The next step for me, when it comes to hardware, is to come up with a VR headset that is clutter-free and convenient from a pick-up and play perspective. Something smaller than their first headset, with a [much] crispier display resolution, hopefully wireless, and coupled with a tracking method that’s less prohibitive movement-wise, along with motion controls that are more evolved and intuitive. They submitted a VR gloves patent a while ago, hopefully this comes to fruition in one way or another. Their approach should be all inclusive and easy/intuitive to use. 

And when it comes to subscription models, PS+ has always been a good deal, but now that GamePass is a thing, they will most likely have to up their game. Maybe include Playstation Video and Sony Music content in that subscription package or make multiple tiers to cater to different user needs. Personally, I don’t mind if they keep the current model, since I usually buy the games I want on day one. And I don’t see Sony thinking it is worth it from a business perspective to release their first party titles day one on a subscription based model similar to GamePass when gen 8 has shown exponential growth when it comes to the sale’s number of their in-house content. Hopefully, they build on the PS Collection and add titles to it over time, like when the game becomes a PlayStation Hit. While not as great of a deal as GamePass is, the Collection, depending on how it is handled, could become an even more incredible value over time once PS5 games start making their way in it. For the price of roughly one game yearly, you get a collection of critically acclaimed games instantly. That will no doubt entice people to adopt the console.

From a game’s perspective, they’ve let their studios with a proven track record do their own things without interfering much, if at all, releasing games when they’re ready, and they’ve mostly all been of very high quality, so I say they should keep it this way, since that’s how new gems like Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, Astro Bot, etc, came into being. They’ve touted their SSD solution as something that will kickstart a new game design paradigm, so I expect their first party studios to lead by example and bring us titles that couldn’t have been achievable during prior gens. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart is showing promises on that front, but I am certain this is but the tip of the iceberg.

This gen is going to be interesting. Creators had almost everything they needed during gen 8 to let their creativity go as wild as possible, and now that loadings are a thing of the past (or so they claim), that’s one last limiting factor out of the way. Can’t wait to see how this all pan out!

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What's wrong with their current base?

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

If they replicate the success of the ps4, Sony should be more than happy, I don’t think console gaming will get bigger, therefore anything above 100 million units Sold should be considered a big success.

vivster said:
What's wrong with their current base?

The PS4 base is OK but the PS5 base is screwed literally

A bit of PS2 magic maybe? Stuff like Singstar or the EyeToy would appeal to another audience and a different market.

In my opinion, one of the biggest differentiators that Sony has is the number of PSVR units they have out there. In fact, I would imagine that many early PS5 adopters will already own one.

Unfortunately, Sony has been very quiet about the future of PSVR, which I think is a marketing mistake.