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So the PlayStation 5 launch is only a few weeks away. I am excited for the console and impressed with what it has to offer even though I likely will not buy one within the first year due to personal/financial reasons.

That being said, I am a fairly consistent PlayStation customer as I have owned all of their consoles. How does Sony plan to entice new customers to hop aboard with the PS5? If the PS5 sold equal to/repeated the success of the PS4 that would likely be enough but all console makers should seek to expand their base.

Nothing Sony has presented about the PS5 thus far seems like it would attract customers outside of their core market. I expect sales to continue to slide in Japan.

With other consoles and previous Sony consoles I could see the appeal to pitch to new customers:

Switch: Console quality gaming at home or on the go. Affordable prices. Amazing Nintendo 1st Party games available nowhere else. Decent 3rd Party support.

Xbox Series X|S: Most powerful console (X). Most affordable "next gen" console (S). Incredible value through Gamepass. Deep bench of MS owned 1st Party content.

PS4: Reasonable price. Most powerful console. Strong 1st party exclusives. Peerless 3rd Party support. PS VR.

How can/will Sony reach new customers with PS5?

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