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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What is your favorite(s) Nintendo-exclusive franchises?


Favorite IPs?

Mario universe 12 18.75%
Pokemon 8 12.50%
Wii Series 0 0%
The Legend of Zelda 27 42.19%
Donkey Kong 1 1.56%
Super Smash Bros 4 6.25%
Animal Crossing 0 0%
Kirby 0 0%
Metroid 7 10.94%
Fire Emblem 5 7.81%

I have an idea how this poll is going to look like. Nintendo IP's is the main reason why we are Nintendo slaves customers. Years (decades) of work made Nintendo to possess the arguably biggest host of quality franchises in the industry with no software developer really coming closer. So, which you like the most?

You can choose either a game developed or published by Nintendo, but must be a Nintendo IP even if co-owned (Donkey Kong, Bayonetta, Pokemon)

This forum can't make me add many options, so I needed to cherry-pick the best selling ones

Use this thread to share your experience and talk about your favorite franchises

About me, in my childhood Pokemon used to be my absolutely favorite gaming franchise (pretty much asked my parents for a DS to play Pokemon and even used to emulate older Pokemon games from GBC and GBA on PC), now I don't like it so much and it got totally replaced by Animal Crossing, Zelda and Fire Emblem. Splatoon, Super Mario closing my current top 5

Yoshi's Island is my favorite 2D platformer of all time and Yoshi's Story my favorite N64 platformer, but the franchise unfortunately just don't hold the same level in next installments

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Nintendo does not co-own the Bayonetta IP. SEGA fully owns that IP. Nintendo owns the publishing rights to 2 and 3. If they co-owned the IP 1 would not be ported to PS4 and Xbox this year.

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This is actually a hard one. With most franchises there are entries I both love and hate.

Xenoblade's probably the most consistently quality as I don't think it's had a bad entry yet.

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Zelda is the best thing in all of gaming. I go where Zelda goes. So every generation I get the Nintendo, the rest that’s on it is bonus. If I had to go to an uninhabited island and could take one video game I’d bring Ocarina of Time. I would buy a digital only Zelda where I would shun the rest of gaming. I take ages to play through all other games, but a Zelda game I’ll play continuously and plenty.

Cant pick one as I love many.. Mario and Zelda are (almost) always a hoot though, but I love all entries in Xenoblade and DKC though.. so they're safe bets for me.

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Zelda...while I do like Mario Kart, Zelda is actually only Nintendo IP that I really care about a lot and that is in my Top 10 game franchises (as much as I dislike new direction they took with BotW).

The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario are my top 2 (in this context I think of Super Mario purely as the platform games). Can't really pick between them.

After that it's Yoshi - you just can't top Yoshi's Island and a lot of the other games are good as well. I've a lot of love for Donkey Kong too (particularly Rare's DKC trilogy). Also a shout out to the Hotel Dusk series - two fantastic games, and I think Nintendo owns the IP.


Where is Kid Icarus?

To me, Fire Emblem and Xenoblade are the most important, then Zelda, Pokemon and Golden Sun, and final is Metroid, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi and Super Smash