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Which system, and what region?

PS5 (Americas) 19 14.62%
XSX/S (Americas) 14 10.77%
Both (Americas) 12 9.23%
PS5 (Europe) 23 17.69%
XSX/S (Europe) 9 6.92%
Both (Europe) 5 3.85%
PS5 (Asia & others) 7 5.38%
XSX/S (Asia & others) 3 2.31%
Both (Asia & others) 1 0.77%
I'm not getting either (all regions) 37 28.46%

America, neither right now.

Will probably get a PS5 a year or two from now but not interested at all right now.

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d21lewis said:
I kinda don't want either and I'm actually not excited about gaming. Just getting older. And yet, I can see myself getting both in the next year. Xbox first. Playstation when a good exclusive comes along (the opposite of the current gen).

In two years time you will have bought 50, 10 for you and 40 for your clan.

vivster said:
For now I'm getting a 3080. Until Sony gets their act together and I can buy a discless PS5.

Will you try to get hold of a Founder's edition 3080? I think they look so good, but they seem to be extremely rare.

What do u mean by "discless PS5"? Isn't the PS5 Digital Edition discless?

Americas. Getting both. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Americas, getting XSX at launch and ps5 next yr

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Europe, and probably a PS5 at some point. Xbox is not really an option due to lack of games that interest me and because MS still has a long way to go before gaining enough trust trust from me to actually be willing to support them. I actually prefer Xbox Series X as a product, largely because of its excellent backwards compatibility (which in the case of Xbox is almost completely useless to me, but I really do appreciate it).

That said, I'm in no hurry to get a PS5. The controller looks horrible, the console looks just OK but not good, it lacks a sufficient amount of backwards compatibility, and it'll probably take at least a year or two before it has enough interesting games to warrant buying it. Also, my price point for a new console is more along the lines of 300-350 euros - for a console that supports physical games. So yeah, it ought to be a while. Unless a really, really tempting exclusive comes out, I'll probably wait until a slim model.

I'm waiting to get a PS5 until 2022 or 2023. Worst case scenario, probably in 2024.
I just got a PS4 in 2019, and it's a Pro at that. I also have a Switch. There's no games or features to draw me to the new consoles yet considering their price points (which are fantastic given the tech crammed into them).
I've got enough to play on my PS4 and Switch for a while, and even the occasional titles from older hardware as well.

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Current standings:
PS5 (Europe) - 4 - 7.55%
XSX/S (Europe) - 5 - 9.43%

Hear, hear.

Middle East, pre-ordered the PS5.


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