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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Poll: Which next-gen system are you getting, and what region are you from?


Which system, and what region?

PS5 (Americas) 19 14.39%
XSX/S (Americas) 14 10.61%
Both (Americas) 12 9.09%
PS5 (Europe) 24 18.18%
XSX/S (Europe) 9 6.82%
Both (Europe) 6 4.55%
PS5 (Asia & others) 7 5.30%
XSX/S (Asia & others) 3 2.27%
Both (Asia & others) 1 0.76%
I'm not getting either (all regions) 37 28.03%

I've had a PS4 break on me three separate times. My initial PS4 didn't have the thermalpaste put in right. Next, the Wifi antenna desoldered from the console. Finally, my 2 TB harddrive died.

Sony is putting all their games on PC within 3 years of launch. No reason to get a PS5 at this point. If my PC breaks, I can fix it myself. PS5 games will run better on my PC.

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Interesting results so far. Switching back to Xbox for the early part of this gen. Might pick up a PS5 2nd hand when it gets cheaper.

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I'm not getting any of these right now + I'm also waiting on Sony's plans for the PSVR 2 so I might consider getting a PS5 in the future ... Far future

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As of right now none, but in the future ill buy....

- PS5 Slim (my PS4 and Switch backlog is so huge I wouldn't be surprised that a slim will come out before I finish them all)
- XB Series S (but only if they include a disc drive and have some amazing exclusives)

I live in USA, and the only console I have so far that's "current" is the Switch (don't have a PS4 or XB1). I'm getting an XSX and GamePass and just from that will have a bunch of games I've never played. Seeing how Series X handles backwards compatibility has me stoked to play those games now.


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I'm in Europe and got a Series X on pre-order.


Quite frankly, at this point in time, I have no immediate plans to buy any of the modern consoles. A friend gave me a PS4, which I barely use and only have indie games on. If I had the extra spending $$$$, I'd likely have a Switch, but honestly there has still yet to be that ONE game that would make me HAVE to own one, so I don't feel like I'm missing out. I've never been interested in the Xbox brand, and still am not. The fact that they bought Bethesda sucks, but I have a feeling that games like Doom/ES/Fallout won't be Xbox exclusive, because there's too much money to be made porting those games to other consoles, plus PC.

I could be wrong, and if I have to miss out on ES6 (I'm not a big PC gamer), then so be it. But I have a hacked NES Classic with thousands of games on it, plenty of classic systems. That is basically my "main console" now. There MAY be something that makes me want a PS5 or Switch/S2 someday, if I have the $$$, but right now? I'm good.

Series X at launch. EU region


Well, interesting poll results so far. Counting a "both" response as a vote for each, so far it's looking like the regional vote split is:

Americas: 30 votes for PS5, 23 votes for XSX/S
Europe: 24 votes for PS5, 13 votes for XSX/S
Asia & Others: 7 votes for PS5, 4 votes for XSX/S

Xbox was initially competitive in every region, but it looks like the PS5 pulled ahead after the first day or so, even in the Americas. But as expected, the gap is a lot closer in the Americas than elsewhere, with 56% of respondents in the region intending on getting a next-gen system are planning on getting an XSX/S, as opposed to only 39.4% in Europe (for both regions, a bit over 70% of respondents who didn't pick "Neither" were planning on getting a PS5).

Another interesting result is that it appears that respondents from the Americas are more likely to go multiplatform. Over 50% of respondents from the Americas that are planning on getting a Series X/S are also planning on getting a PS5 (to flip that around, 40% of those planning on getting a PS5 are also planning on getting an XSX/S). For European respondents, only 30% of those that are planning on getting an XSX/S are also planning on getting a PS5 (or conversely, only 16.7% of those planning on getting a PS5 are also planning on getting an XSX/S). I wonder how much of that is due to the general disparity in buying habits between North America and Europe and how much is due to an actual increased likelihood of people living in the Americas to go multiplatform.

Of course, all of this comes with the caveat that we are dealing with a small sample size of 119 respondents on a gaming-focused forum, and in any given forum the relative popularity of a given platform within its population is unlikely to be reflective of its relative popularity among the broader population. Aside from the clear regional imbalances in platform popularity, these results are unlikely to be indicative of the actual results of sales we see early on.

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