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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Poll: Which next-gen system are you getting, and what region are you from?


Which system, and what region?

PS5 (Americas) 19 14.39%
XSX/S (Americas) 14 10.61%
Both (Americas) 12 9.09%
PS5 (Europe) 24 18.18%
XSX/S (Europe) 9 6.82%
Both (Europe) 6 4.55%
PS5 (Asia & others) 7 5.30%
XSX/S (Asia & others) 3 2.27%
Both (Asia & others) 1 0.76%
I'm not getting either (all regions) 37 28.03%

Series X in North America.

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Right now I'm just planning on sticking with my Switch and nothing else.  I'm from the US.

Obviously, if one of these systems announces several games that I like, then my viewpoint can change.  However, so far I've owned every single Sony home system and I've never owned a Microsoft system.  So, that should tell you which system I'm more likely to buy if I do change my mind.

America here, buying Xbox Series X at launch, will wait on more exclusives and a Slim model to buy PS5 probably.

I plan on the PS5 as of now. Will be watching the market closer to launch. Right now the PS5 has me far more impressed and excited with it's games and features. The speeds, dual sense, 3D audio. Definitely leaning more to that.


I bought an XBox One for about 200 a couple of months ago. Was expecting the S to come in at a higher price, but oh well. That should hold me over since most bigger games are coming to PS4 or XBone for the next couple of years, so when the time comes I'll choose among the newer ones.

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I'm not getting anything at launch rn. I'm interested to see these things out in the wild for at least six months before making any decisions. I'm most excited rn for the switch pro. I'm holding out from buying a regular switch for it so the earlier the better. I was expecting holiday 2021, but rumors have suggested it's coming much sooner than that. So I might try to day 1 pre-purchase that when it becomes available to do so.

I'm not planning on getting either of them but if I had to choose I would go towards Xbox.

I may consider subscribing to Gamepass in the future since it looks very appealing to me.

If it will be available on switch, that would be a no-brainer.

EDIT: i'm from Switzerland, So Europe

After 3 generations of using PS as my primary DEDICATED home console, I have decided to switch to XSX for this generation. I will also eventually have a PS5, but not before GoW5 drops. I will check out demon souls then and play Horizon on my PS4 Pro.

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Slimebeast said:
vivster said:
For now I'm getting a 3080. Until Sony gets their act together and I can buy a discless PS5.

Will you try to get hold of a Founder's edition 3080? I think they look so good, but they seem to be extremely rare.

What do u mean by "discless PS5"? Isn't the PS5 Digital Edition discless?

Probably going to get a Strix. FE is really meh.

"Getting their act together" was towards their game output. I know they have a discless PS5, which as of right now has no alternatives.

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Nothing right now, living in Japan.

PS4 is fine with my backlog, and if that isn't enough, I can buy the Switch. The next gen consoles need to have at least 10 games that I desire before I consider them.