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Forums - Movies & TV - Stop Calling Foreign Films "Weird"

I wasnt aware that was a thing, never considered foreign films weird but im a foreigner myself more used to people calling certain Hollywood produced films weird. Aronofsky, Von Trier and such. Even Mad Max Fury Road or Shape of Water have had that "I dont like it cuz its weird" reaction from people.

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Hollywood films are foreign films though...

There's a greater chance that non-American films are artsy or culturally specific since they don't go for the widespread appeal that Hollywood tries to do. I mean, despite the fact that they're American, movie producers do have world-wide audiences in mind to make the big bucks.

I get why Americans would call foreign films weird, since they're used to the generic Hollywood standard. Obviously I'm not gonna agree with them.

Except for Serbian movies. Those are weird.

But saying that a movie is weird isn't the same as saying it's bad, so what's the problem about it?

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Foreign movies are weird. Have you seen the Avengers? Totally bonkers.

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Mnementh said:
John2290 said:
American films are foriegn to everyone outside of America.

And they are weird as hell, ever watched this one:

Who hasn't? For decades Ed Wood was famous for his bad films. So bad they are good. The lady in the thumbnail is Vampira. She had a gimmick outside the film dressed like that. She later sued Elvira for stealing her act and look. Courts threw it out saying they both ripped off Morticia from the Addams Family comic I believe. Tim Burton and Depp made a good film (before Tim Burton's films went to trash) in the 90s called Ed Wood. Bella Lugosi is most famous for his portrayal of Dracula in the Universal monster classic in 1931. He was old by the time Plan 9 was filmed. Washed up and a heroin addict. Died while the film was being made so they needed a stand-in, The stand-in looked nothing like Bella so he just covers his face with a cape the entire film.

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John2290 said:
Dulfite said:
Am I allowed to dislike Hollywood AND think foreign films are strange?

No, in 2020 you l can't have an opinion or think for yourself. It's against angry mob regulations.  

I fixed it to be more accurate with 2020.

Not all foreign films are weird, but some foreign films are real weird. I'm a big fan of Sion Sono movies and they are fucking weird...

Kill bill was a bit weird when first seeing , lots of bare feet.

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