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Forums - Movies & TV - Stop Calling Foreign Films "Weird"

aiwass said:

Stop telling me what to say you gatekeeping cunts

User was warned for this post. Do not edit out mod notes. I will discuss this in the PM you sent to me.

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It's a question of the artistic versus the commercial. All countries have weird art films and then they have "normal" films for the general audience. Hollywood is extremely commercial, so you don't get weird stuff but rather the pinnacle of easy and fun consumption. To this end, they also have the biggest budgets in the world and that's why their blockbusters make the rounds around the world and are accepted as a standard of sorts.

In my country, films are generally dubbed, so people are not used to read subtitles on screen. They just don't like it. And, since many foreign films don't get dubbed, there are lots of people that (almost) only watch the ones from Hollywood, so the foreign Hollywood movies are not considered weird (they're the norm, as the OP said) and all the other foreign movies are just not considered at all. I'm exaggerating here, of course, but that's still partially true.

That said, there are indeed some kind of accepted stereotypes, like that French cinema is for educated people, or independant/author movies are all slow and boring, but nothing related to weirdness (that I've heard of). There are certainly movies that are called weird, but that's judged more on a one by one basis than for specific groups. Also, some directors are known for making weird films, but at least one of them is in fact native here.

Obviously, all of this is just according to my experience and also a generalization, so it might very well not be representative of the reality, but I thought I could share it anyway.

I have periods of social disconnection, it's a part of me that I need and keenly embrace. I'll still log in and read news and threads during those times, but I won't be (very) active on the site, so I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause (late answers, bumps or the like).


Please, feel free to correct my English.