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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Good franchises that fell off a cliff in the succeeding generation

Dragon Age. Oh, yeah, I'm going there. 2 had its faults, but in retrospect, Inquisition was the starting point for everything that went horribly, horribly wrong with MA: Andromeda.

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Leynos said:

Know of a series that started in one generation was well-liked and reviewed but by the next-gen just turned to trash?

This about the generation directly succeeding the last. 4th to 5th. 6th to 7th. 7th to 8th. Not 5th to 7th or something like that.

I liked Turok a lot on N64. Esp 1-2. 3 was fine and technically very impressive for N64 (even had lip sync). Then came the PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox. Turok Evolution happened It was a massive pile of shit. Turok pushed N64 technical limits and was very fun. Evo looked terrible and played terribly. Not to mention the name your kid Turok contest. Oh and one of the dumbest villains in gaming ever. It was straight out of Wild Wild West the movie.

You might know, but Turok was developed by iquana on n64. The team was acquired by Nintendo and renamed itself Retro Studios. Prime is the spiritual successor however unfortunate that Nintendo of Japan forced them to be more “creative” with first person controls.

I remember anticipating Turok on Xbox with fervor. I thought it was pretty at first. When I got it home I had to close the blinds to see the night time levels because the graphical lighting was so terrible. There’s definitely a trend with games falling off a cliff when their sequel gets developed by a different studio. 

I think F-Zero fell off a cliff when it moved to 3D. F-Zero was an intense racer whose best feature was the hydro planing feel when you slid and hovered across gaps. Moving from a flat earth track space to a magnetic pipeline ruined it for me. All the things I felt were removed. Total crash ‘n burn.

Disagree. SEGA made the best F-Zero game in GX. I'd love for them to make another. Most of that core group is still together making Yakuza games.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Gears and Halo xbox 360-> one
Spyro and Crash PS1->PS2
Alot of 4th gen 2D games failed to translate to 3D in 5th gen.

Since my emails were ignored. Here I am, John2290, sick of these weak reasoned and lengthy moderations for saying the wrong thing and a mod team that is doing everything it can to kill this site quicker. So now that I've actually broken a rule instead of mildly hurting someones feelings without even interacting with them, I request my Permban on John2290 and of course this account will be banned. Please and thank you and good luck keeping this site alive while you alienate people with silly moderation.

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Tomb Raider - Was already becoming overly pushed in Gen 5 yet was still popular but completely crashed in Gen 6.

Resident Evil - Gen 6 had the series turn itself around when it was becoming too samey and was in decline, RE4 changed not just the series but gaming as well with how third person mechanics were approached Gen 7 the series tanked in quality RE5 was a significant step back but at least was a good co-op game it's with RE6 that the series reached rock bottom as it's seen as not just the worst game in the series but one of the worst in general.

Sonic - Sonic Adventure may not be spectacular but it was a decently good 3D Sonic game in Gen 6 then come Gen 7 it was succeeded by Sonic 06...

Silent Hill - The survival horror that rivaled RE blow for blow even replicating the Gen 6 to Gen 7 fall from grace, yeah I know the room was a PS2 game that divided fans but it's not a bad game or a good one it was an average game that was different from the others.

But was Days Gone good?

Last of Us Part 2

Splinter Cell. Was awesome during the 6th gen. Two releases during 7th gen, Double Agent was good, Conviction wasn’t even a stealth game (Became very action oriented) and we haven’t had a SC game since then.

I am a Nintendo fanatic.

Fable 3, Perfect Dark (360) and The Last of Us 2. Not in terms of (varying) success but those games were franchise killers for sure.