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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Good franchises that fell off a cliff in the succeeding generation

Know of a series that started in one generation was well-liked and reviewed but by the next-gen just turned to trash?

This about the generation directly succeeding the last. 4th to 5th. 6th to 7th. 7th to 8th. Not 5th to 7th or something like that.

I liked Turok a lot on N64. Esp 1-2. 3 was fine and technically very impressive for N64 (even had lip sync). Then came the PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox. Turok Evolution happened It was a massive pile of shit. Turok pushed N64 technical limits and was very fun. Evo looked terrible and played terribly. Not to mention the name your kid Turok contest. Oh and one of the dumbest villains in gaming ever. It was straight out of Wild Wild West the movie.

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Mass Effect definitely springs to mind. Was awesome during gen 7. Gen 8 rolls around and there's only 1 release which has seemingly killed the franchise.

On N64 it was an epic space adventure with intense action, pick-up-and-play arcade sensibility, and amazing music but on Gamecube it turned into steaming dogshit.

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LittleBigPlanet (Still good though)
Jak and Daxter

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Perfect Dark was amazing on N64, On Xbox 360 was painfully average

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Mass Effect should be the poster child of this.

Mass Effect. Kind of started with the third game, but they had a chance to redeem themselves and they failed.

Sonic the hedgehog good on 16bit trash afterwards

Some of you misunderstand. This is only about the generation directly following the previous one. So N64 to 360 does not count. N64 to PS2 would count. Xbox or PS2 to 360 and PS3 would count 7th gen to 8th gen. Not 5th gen to 7th gen or 4th and 5th then to 6 and 7. Sorry if that was not more clear.

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