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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox One X sales up 747%..... whoops.

Just cause there's 2 Xbox X's that do 4k and then there's the 2 Xbox S's that don't do 4K doesn't mean it's confusing.. You just gotta get the Xbox X that says 4k on the box. They both do but I mean the one that says Series on the box. Cause both Xbox X's have 4k on the box but not the S ones. Yes all 4 have 4K drives for 4K movies but ignore that cause the Series S non 4K games is better than the One S non 4K games But the One X 4k is better than the Series X 4k so just get the Xbox X that does the better 4K. Just make sure it's the Series one and not the One one.

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wow this sucks :( Those people will very likely be able to get a refund but it sucks.

Microsoft's terrible branding scheme coming home to roost. People couldn't tell the difference between Wii and WiiU. You'd think Microsoft would have paid attention to that. It would be different if they hadn't already called one of their console's XBoxOneX, but they had to go ahead and create an X series as well. It's obvious someone in the marketing department there loves the letter X and figures their audience does as well. My favorite thing each generation is seeing how they manage to tangle themselves up all over again. It's been a hoot since launch of the first one during the Xtreme craze that was taking the world by storm.

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I think it's terrible to keep branding things with lots of 'X's in 2020. Xbox should be called differently.

My bet with The_Liquid_Laser: I think the Switch won't surpass the PS2 as the best selling system of all time. If it does, I'll play a game of a list that The_Liquid_Laser will provide, I will have to play it for 50 hours or complete it, whatever comes first. 

Think we really overestimating the number sold. I imagine not much were being bought before so the jump isn’t a big actual number

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


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Dulfite said:
I feel pain from the ignorance years ago about Wii U. Why did Nintendo think that was a good name that wouldn't confused people? Why does Microsoft similarly NOT realize they are walking into the same realm of confusion?

Hate to be that guy but, the "Wii U is a confusing name and it doomed the console to be seen as a peripheral" has always stood as a pretty bad argument in my opinion. I mean for one, names really don't matter that much. If enough people buy a console initially and it gets a lot of buzz, people are going to find out it's a brand spanking new machine whether or not they were initially confused. And early adopters are almost always enthusiasts, so assuming sales would have continued to be decent after the Wii U's initial launch month (where Wii U was only like, 120k behind the Switch), casuals would have become informed one way or another. People weren't even this confused when the idea of "generations" was literally new to much of the American gaming audience - you can find plenty of news reports about how parents felt they were being "ripped off" for having to buy a "new Nintendo",  because they didn't understand why they'd have to buy a similar product. Yet they still ended up buying a SNES. So parents not even in the know, who didn't have access to the internet, and were in an environment where gaming wasn't as big as it is nowadays, still got the message that it was atleast a product worth purchasing one way or another. None of that is to say that the Wii U name did the console favors, but like, it's certainly not the #1 reason that console failed, it's probably not even a big reason to be honest. Nobody uses this argument for systems that had names that, in a vacuum, were just as odd ... such as Xbox 360. I don't think a lot of people even use it for the Vita, despite the fact that you could easily apply the same argument (calling the PS Vita the PSP2 instead of Vita, calling Wii U the Wii 2 instead of Wii U).  Even if we wanted to argue people confused the Wii U as a peripheral and not a successor, it wouldn't be because of the name, it would be because of Nintendo's terrible E3 2011 reveal where all they show is the controller being used like an extra accessory (and even then, how much of the potential audience, casuals included, were watching E3 2011?). 

It feels pretty revisionist to be honest. Like a way of saying if not for this one major mistake, the Wii U would at least be somewhat competitive. Not saying that everytime this is brought up that's the point that's trying to be put across, but I certainly don't think it's that helpful of a point to bring up to begin with. If anything the Xbox Series X naming conventions are much more confusing to someone not in the know and, that console will sell way more than the Wii U. 

The same can happen with xb1S and the series S.

We're probably talking about just a handful of people here. Maybe a couple hundred or something. The XBone X certainty wasn't selling many units yesterday.

It sounds a lot until you realise it only sold 2 yesterday.

DroidKnight said:
Hopefully it was the scalpers.

justice at last