Forums - Sony Discussion - Did you manage to preorder a Ps5?

Did you manage to secure a pre order?

Yes 32 52.46%
No 19 31.15%
Will try in store as its sold out online. 5 8.20%
Why is this happening to me?! 5 8.20%

Yes. Pre orders opened about 3 hours ago here in Australia, tried EB Games and Amazon AU.

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Amazon UK have their preorders up at 9AM. I would try that first.

I'll try to get one nearer release. If not available, I still have over 90% of the world left to explore in FS 2020.

I was able to get one from EB, as well as Walmart seems to be fine in Canada Currently.

Maybe 2022

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Maybe when they reveal their next gen VR plans.

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All retailers here in Australia are now out of stock for PS5 and Eb games are getting preorders to be fulfilled until 2021.

Did PS4 was the same when it launched??

No. I woke up and it was presold out everywhere in Australia. I just pre-ordered one for 2021 half an hour ago

Nope, Gamestop site was down when i went to check and Best Buy kept kicking my order when I tried to place it.

Captain_Yuri said:

Same as you Captain.