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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Jim Sterling about Marvels Avengers

Jim Sterling has reviewed Marvels Avengers:

Short version: It is a service game designed to utilize a well-known franchise to milk money out of it. It has no remarkable artistic value. Well, at least according to Jim Sterling.

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He's very cynical recently but then kind of understandable as thousands of workers are being made redundant while the CEOs get richer and not just in games. It's a game as service, that's obvious a mile off but it may well be a good game, as long as you are playing and having a laugh with mates but not willing to pay £50 for that, especially when it lacks certain things. Like Black Widow with a russian accent...wait, that's paid DLC isn't it?

Hmm, pie.

Another informative, entertaining video from my hero.

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Looks like a very generic soulless thirteen in a dozen AAA game.

Well, it was never on my list, but it's somehow even less on my list now.

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I don't think he enjoyed it.

Anyway, it's easy to see why they tried to make it look like the MCU but just off enough to legally avoid it. The likeness rights for the entire cast would be REALLY expensive.

the campaign story is pretty good from what ive heard!

I wish these Gass greedy pieces of shit games would die.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

A prime example of GaaS done very very wrong.

It looks like Ultimate Alliance 3 with a bigger budget. Pretty bland and repetitive combat.