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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you plan on getting the (rumored) Mario Collection?


Will you buy a 4-game HD Mario Collection?

Yes 39 68.42%
No 10 17.54%
Not Sure yet 8 14.04%
siebensus4 said:
Since I haven't played any of them, I would give it a try. Soundtrack of Galaxy is awesome and way better than Odyssey.

Galaxy, to me, had a bigger impact Than odyssey.  I beat it on Wii and unlocked Luigi.  The game is definitely worth another round or two.

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One download (or disk) with those 4 games on it...absolutely. Still hoping it's a legit thing, though, and not some leaked fantasy run amok.

Nope. I've already played all of these games. Some are decent but even the decent ones don't get me excited enough to buy the games again.

Answer that direct the answer is hell no.
It isn't a full collection. They didn't put much effort into it. They are wanting to charge full price for it. Oh and they set a dead line of 6 months for digital AND physical.

3D world Mario? We may talk when/if it releases next year. At least then I'm paying full price for new content.

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I own all those games and tried all of them through emulatation / 60 fps + widescreens mods / hd textures or recently mario 64 pc port with render skin model. if they manage to improve on those, yes, if they are inferior no. although 3d land with 3d world graphics and 3d world itself unshackled by 3ds / wii u second screen, would be great.

edit: haven't noticed the direct, will watch it right now.

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Well, now I can safely say that my answer is no.

I'm finding hard to understand why would anyone want to buy this

now I want to know how they managed mario sunshine analog trigger fludd and handheld mario galaxy.

Yes, I will buy it physically. Because it will be a limited run printing I consider it a good investment that will eventually pay for my children's college tuition.

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Well now we know what is coming. Pretty much exactly what I thought: HD Mario Collection....but not Galaxy 2 wtf!?!

It makes no sense that they just randomly didn't include Galaxy 2. Either they have other plans for Galaxy 2 like a remake or Nintendo is just super lazy and didn't want to give fans the complete collection we were all hoping for. Other than Galaxy 2 it's exactly what I thought it'd be - collection of ports with higher res - and with Galaxy 2 I would have for sure bought because that is the best of the bunch, but now I'm undecided since they left the best game out.

Also it is totally bizarre that they are doing a limited run for half a year. Like, this thing could sell many millions but they're only bothering to allow it to be bought for half a year. A couple very strange decisions. But I did kinda expect Nintendo to make some sort of stupid decision and not release the type of thing everyone would be excited for.

I'm torn with only half a year to make the purchase and missing the best game. With Galaxy 2 it would have been a 100% buy for me, but still I'd like to have another go at the first three 3D Mario games again (though I'm assuming at some point N64 and therefore Mario 64 will come to Switch Online). Right now I'm on the fence about this, since the two Galaxy games were the two I was most interesting in playing through again. I'd say I'm 60/40 on buying it at this point.

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