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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you plan on getting the (rumored) Mario Collection?


Will you buy a 4-game HD Mario Collection?

Yes 39 68.42%
No 10 17.54%
Not Sure yet 8 14.04%

I remember being so frustrated at Mario Sunshine, I would die 100 times on certain area where they took the water pack away...and that horrible Pachinko level. But I needed to 100% Mario games back in the day, where now a days I don't feel the need to 100% them. As much stress as Mario Sunshine gave me, it's the Mario game on the collection that I want to play the most since its the only mainline Mario game not available on multiple consoles. (well 3D World also but that just came out a few years ago.)

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The only 3D Mario games I have not played are Sunshine and 3D World. If they are included I will bite. Not really interested in replaying 64 and the Galaxy games, even though they are amazing.

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Yeah, for sure. 3D Mario games (minus 3D Land and 3D World) are amazing.

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Yes, I havent played super mario sunshine in over 10 years and it is super underrated, Super Mario Galaxy is one of the top 5 best games ever made, and Super mario 64 exists.

Ljink96 said:
Yeah, not sure. If it's just 64, Sunshine and Galaxy at 1080p If this is a true form to the All-Star's name and actually updates models, textures, lighting and sound (which I highly doubt) then hell yeah.

The thing is, I know Nintendo won't actually release remakes of these games in one pack. I know Crash Bandicoot got remakes of the first 3 games and so did Spyro on one disc, but I don't think Nintendo would be that generous again.

Yeah certainly if they are remaking any games those are going to be sold separately at full price. I doubt I'd bother with a remake because I've played through all the games before and don't want to pay $60 for an old game I've played before, so I'm much more interested in just getting a 4-in-1 package for $60. I'm just hoping for all four games in one, upgraded to HD with no or very little other enhancements. I mean I'd certainly take other enhancements beyond resolution, but knowing Nintendo, even just hoping for the 4 games in HD in one package is stretching it. I've seen the collection rumor listed as 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy, though I assume Galaxy 2 would be in there as well because it'd be bizarre to have only one of the Galaxy games.

I'd be happy to get to play through all those games again at some point and have access to them in the future since I don't have any of my old games anymore.

If they actually put in effort and do significant remasters of all four games, though not remakes, and sell it in one package I bet thing thing could do Odyssey type sales.

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If it includes Galaxy 2, or a remastered version of 64DS, then probably. Otherwise, maybe maybe not.

Hell yes

JWeinCom said:
If it includes Galaxy 2, or a remastered version of 64DS, then probably. Otherwise, maybe maybe not.

Funny enough Galaxy 1 was the last Mario game where I beat it 100% every level and secret.  For some reason on Galaxy 2 I beat it, but just didn't feel like getting all secrets.  From Galaxy 2 on I would beat them but not 100% them.

Maybe if Mario 64 is remade.

I've already played the Galaxy games to death and don't like Sunshine, so those games are not a big incentive for me to buy this rumored collection.

Indeed. I never played Sunshine nor Galaxy 2. Only played SM64DS so I would like to play an actual real level remake or the original 64 plus I don't mind revisiting a Remastered Galaxy 1 that I know will look gorgeous.