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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you plan on getting the (rumored) Mario Collection?


Will you buy a 4-game HD Mario Collection?

Yes 39 68.42%
No 10 17.54%
Not Sure yet 8 14.04%

Now of course we don't quite know what the rumored Mario Collection is just yet.

But let's say its a straight HD remastering of Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, and Galaxy 2. Maybe some updated textures and effects but not remakes.

Do you plan on buying this?


Now that the game has been officially announced and we know what is exactly in the collection (basically what I guessed above - straight HD ports - but no Galaxy 2) I made a new thread to get a fresh poll reading. Head to this thread:

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Day 1. I don't even need to see it.

The fact that it has Galaxy and 64 is an automatic yes


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Depends if they rework Sunshine a little bit like they did Windwaker.

If it includes both Galaxy games, yes. Doubt I'll play anything else tho.

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I would buy it for Galaxy 1 alone But prefer it to have some other games included like Mario Sunshine. Never played that one.

Depends. What games are in it, and how do they play. Oh and what they changed or any new content.
I have little interest in waving around a joycon to play the galaxy games. If I can play it like a regular game I may be interested.

Mario 3d world? Now we are talking. Let me play it on my TV, no game pad, no breathing on it. Fully on my TV. Don't make me undock it to play Captain toad etc.

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I would buy any of the wii 1st party games re-released in HD and with normal people controls. To hell with motion controls. Galaxy 1 and 2 are masterpieces.

Yeah, not sure. If it's just 64, Sunshine and Galaxy at 1080p If this is a true form to the All-Star's name and actually updates models, textures, lighting and sound (which I highly doubt) then hell yeah.

The thing is, I know Nintendo won't actually release remakes of these games in one pack. I know Crash Bandicoot got remakes of the first 3 games and so did Spyro on one disc, but I don't think Nintendo would be that generous again.

Definitely would. When does it come out on PC?

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