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To be fair, I think Lonzo does have the potential to be a really good, All-Star calibur player in the league. He has the skills and credentials. It's mental with him. When he just goes out and plays, he's good, damn good. When he tries to do too much and overthinks a lot of things and tries to force the game to go his way instead of letting it come to him, he just gets in his own way. I think 'daddy' is certainly to blame for that for putting all that pressure on the kid and talking him up like he was the 2nd coming of Magic Johnson. He basically set up his own son to fail and made people want to see him fail, myself included, the more he kept running his mouth. Which was ultimately detrimental to him. Lonzo is still a young kid, just 22 years old. He still has a lot of room to grow. If he can kick that mental block and just play, I think he will be a top 20 PG in the league.

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We are through Day 5 of the Bubble Playoffs.
We had two games that were kind of competitive, and two blowouts.
The Celtics take a commanding 3-0 lead over the 76ers and will have a chance to close it out on Sunday.
The Raptors absolutely slaughter the Nets. Again. They take a 3-0 lead and it's very quickly looking like we're going to have our first 2nd round matchup very soon.
The Jazz pick up where they left off in Game 2 and order a nuclear strike on the Nuggets to go up 2-1.
And the Clippers respond to that Game 2 upset by regaining control over the series against the Mavericks. Taking a 2-1 lead and things are looking very bleak for the Mavericks with the injury to Luka Doncic. We'll have to keep an ear out for that.

Tomorrow's games:
Bucks/Magic - Game 3
Heat/Pacers - Game 3
Rockets/Thunder - Game 3
Lakers/Trail Blazers - Game 3

Don't think I'm overreacting by saying that's an all-time playoff performance by Luka Doncic.

Game-time decision (sprained ankle), no KP, down 21, and he puts up 43-17-13 with a step-back-three game-winning buzzer-beater. That just doesn't happen.

Luka is definitely legit. Only 21 years old, in his first NBA playoff series, and he's already pulling out games like that. Very, very impressive.

And in a series where everyone was picking the Clippers to win pretty easily.
Not so fast! We got ourselves a series!

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And what’s also impressive is the Raptors.

150 points in a playoff game?!? Has that ever been done before?!

Luka Doncic with the shot!

We've got our first 2nd round match up already.
The Raptors and Celtics finished off their sweeps and are prepared to do battle in the Eastern Conference Semis. And it looks like the Miami Heat aren't too far behind. The OKC Thunder are putting up a fight against the Houston Rockets. The Utah Jazz are in firm control of the Denver Nuggets and will look to finish the job in Game 5. The Dallas Mavericks have proven to be a match for the LA Clippers as that series may go the distance. And the Milwaukee Bucks and LA Lakers have regained control of their series and are back on track to making their predicted Finals' matchup.

Tomorrow's Games:

Bucks/Magic - Game 4
Rockets/Thunder - Game 4
Pacers/Heat - Game 4
Lakers/Trail Blazers - Game 4

Inside the NBA and the Double Standard of Racism

I think the Heat have a decent chance in eliminating the Bucks in the next round that extra days rest doesn't hurt either. The Celtics will have a slight edge againt the Raptors early in the series since Lowrey could miss some games.