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Forums - Sports Discussion - 2022 NBA Offseason - Rest in Peace Bill Russell

Well, that was an ass-kicking. Denver fought so hard against Utah just to earn a beatdown at the hands of the Clippers.

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This feels like the Mavericks and Lakers in 2011 all over again.

There is pretty much no way the Bucks can come back now. I like the Heat in the next round also.

If it's Toronto (unlikely) I do too. But since it's looking like it'll be Boston. I don't know, I would give the slight edge to the Celtics. But I think that would be one hell of a matchup.

Bucks survive... But for how long?

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Well, guess there's no choice but to admit I was totally wrong about the Heat-Bucks series. Heat are a much better unit that I expected, and the Bucks are... I'm not even sure what to say about them right now. What a mess.

Still have Celtics coming out of the east and Clippers from the west. The most interesting series will still be 'The Battle for L.A.', which unfortunately won't take place in L.A. this year.

Well at least we will have one game 7 in the quarterfinals all the other series will probably be over in five games.

I think the Rockets can manage one more game before the Lakers inevitably close it out.
I do think the other series will finish in 5 games; Coming back from a 3-1 whole against the Jazz has taken its mental toll on this team and I don't see them having enough left in the tank to try and mount another comeback against a far superior team in the Clippers.

Celtics-Raptors game 7! Here we gooo!!!

Well, we are going to have a new champion now.
Both Conference Finals match ups are shaping up to be absolute heavyweight bouts.