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Forums - Sports Discussion - 2022 NBA Offseason - Rest in Peace Bill Russell

Go Mavs!

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After looking over both teams I will be cheering on the Mavs because the Celtics are so overated!


PlayStation's back is against the wall! Will XBox finish things tonight or will PlayStation force a game 6!?

Find out tonight! My Switch is locked in!

Let's go MAVS, gotta make up for the Stars and Rangers

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The Celtics are, once again, the undisputed kings of the NBA.

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Tatum finally played well. Not much of a series.


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The Celtics will probably repeat if not they will at least be in the finals again next year and will probably have the best record in the NBA again.

Chrkeller said:

Tatum finally played well. Not much of a series.

Kyrie Irving should have played better. Damn, was wishing for a better series.

Anyone excited for the 2024 Draft!


With the offseason moves the Mavs made they have a good chance of making it to the NBA finals again next year. They are definitely going to be a higher seed than 5th in next year's Western Conference playoffs.