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Forums - Sports Discussion - 2022 NBA Offseason - Rest in Peace Bill Russell

Imagine if Porzingis was not ejected in game one the Mavs could have been up 2-0. Looking forward to game 3

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Sure looks like the Heat will have no problems with the Pacers should be a sweep. The Heat are a way better defensive team then the Pacers.

In a break from playoff action, we've got the Draft Lottery!

Very unique draft this time around, of the 3 teams that have a 14% shot at the #1 pick... One of them is the Golden State Warriors.

The same Golden State Warriors that won 3 championships in 5 trips to the NBA Finals from 2015-2019, and who went through this season without their 3 best players. (Kevin Durant left for Brooklyn in free agency; Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry were injured for most or all of the season.) So, the Warriors could not only go into next season with the Splash Bros. back and healthy to go along with Draymond and new face, Andrew Wiggins, and a young roster. But also the #1 pick - More specifically, what they could get with the #1.

Here we go...

#2 for the Warriors; The Minnesota Timberwolves get the #1 pick.

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Minnesota will likely go with Edwards or LaMelo with their pick. They don't need Wiseman since they already have KAT. It would make sense to pick a backcourt running mate for Russell.

And I can already hear Stephen A. Smith's cries of agony! X'D

Day 4 is in the books.

The Miami Heat take care of business again against the Indiana Pacers to take a 2-0 series lead.
Same goes for the Houston Rockets against the Oklahoma City Thunder.
And after both #1 seeds got punched in the mouth in their first games, the Milwaukee Bucks and LA Lakers responded emphatically with some good-old fashioned ass-whoopings over the Orlando Magic and Portland Trail Blazers to even their series' at 1 game each.

Tomorrow's games:
Raptors/Nets - Game 3
Nuggets/Jazz - Game 3
Celtics/76ers - Game 3
Clippers/Mavericks - Game 3

If LaMelo ends up being the number one pick he will easily become one of the biggest busts as the first pick of the draft. This years draft class is extremely weak from top to bottom.

Raptors with the 2peat