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We are through Day 5 of the Bubble Playoffs.
We had two games that were kind of competitive, and two blowouts.
The Celtics take a commanding 3-0 lead over the 76ers and will have a chance to close it out on Sunday.
The Raptors absolutely slaughter the Nets. Again. They take a 3-0 lead and it's very quickly looking like we're going to have our first 2nd round matchup very soon.
The Jazz pick up where they left off in Game 2 and order a nuclear strike on the Nuggets to go up 2-1.
And the Clippers respond to that Game 2 upset by regaining control over the series against the Mavericks. Taking a 2-1 lead and things are looking very bleak for the Mavericks with the injury to Luka Doncic. We'll have to keep an ear out for that.

Tomorrow's games:
Bucks/Magic - Game 3
Heat/Pacers - Game 3
Rockets/Thunder - Game 3
Lakers/Trail Blazers - Game 3