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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo quarterly sales update (Switch 61.44m, Animal Crossing 22.4m)

Dyotropic said:
No numbers for paper mario switch?

The numbers are only as of June 30th, so no Paper Mario till the next report.

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Dyotropic said:
No numbers for paper mario switch?

The report is from April-June and Paper Mario released in July. They could maybe theoretically have brought it up anyways in the explanatory material, but it was never very likely.

Major Switch Titles Launch Aligned

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  • Switch - 27m
  • PS5 - 15.5m
  • Xbox Series - 10m

Can we rename AC:NH into AC: Blue Ocean?

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Damn, huge numbers, AC + pandemic really driven switch sales.
Next quarter AC will become the best selling Switch game

Phenomenal AC numbers. Shipping as many units in second quarter as launch quarter is insane, even if launch quarter only had 10-ish days of release.

And it seems the gaming boost from coronavirus has had an effect on those evergreen titles. BOTW's best non-holiday quarter since Jan-March 2018.

Only checked Odyssey and BOTW but they are both up YoY.

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So, I got curious.

I looked up the highest selling, non-holiday quarters for the Wii and DS for comparsion.

DS - 6.98 million (April-June, 2007)
NS - 5.68 million (This quarter)
Wii - 5.43 million (January-March, 2009)

The Switch is an absolute monster.

Marth said:
Otter said:
Any idea what those 3rd party titles might me be?

Minecraft and Mincraft Dungeons come to mind

Minecraft Dungeons has no retail release yet so it's not that one. Minecraft is a slamdunk though.

Just Dance 2020 could be it, or a wildcard - NBA2k20 because it was basically free for a full month. 95% off or whatever it was on the e-shop. 

And for SMM2 ?

At this point, all possibilities should be on the table for Switch predictions. It just keeps defying logic. Who could've predicted Animal Crossing to become such a behemoth.

New and old IPs alike just keep breaking new ground on this system. I'm starting to wonder what the ceiling could be for Metroid Prime 4. Assuming it's the same quality as past games, I'm thinking 5mil+ is a fairly reasonable bar to clear already.

Love seeing more great Xenoblade numbers. So well deserved. Can't wait to see them unveil the new IP they're working on.

What really strikes me when looking at those Top 10 Best Selling Games for the Switch as much as the sales numbers, is just how varied it is.

- A life simulator.
- A kart racer.
- A crossover fighter.
- An open world, action-adventure.
- Two JRPGs.
- A 3D Platformer.
- A 2D Platformer.
- A Third Person Shooter.
- A party game.
- And a partridge in a pear tree!

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