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When did you join?

This year 1 2.27%
2019-2018 2 4.55%
2017-2016 8 18.18%
2015-2014 7 15.91%
2013-2012 2 4.55%
2011-2010 5 11.36%
2009-2008 11 25.00%
2007 or earlier 8 18.18%

Found this place in late 2006 or early 2007 because some sites used the data to report the sales from consoles, and I prefer getting the info from the original source.

Lurked until 2008 because there was a change in the site, every week we got a... I don't remember if it was a thread orsomething else were we got the 200 best selling games of the week, but suddently the rules changed and only the first page with the top 50 were available to everybody, you had to be a member of the site to see the rest. I resisted the temptation for a while, but ended up joining a few months later.

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Because of Play Station. end thread/

Leynos said:
John2290 said:

Been here since the day the ps3 parody song dropped on Youtube, How to kill a brand (or maybe it was "the 360 song) It was mid 2007. Lurked for years, finally joined in 2013 and only started regularly posting in 2015.

I still remember early 7th gen so damn well. Esp those memes. Sony you went wrong,How to kill your brand. Chad Warden. Wii60. I have 3 PS3's

I have 3 ps3s, lmao. That was a good one. 


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Lurked for years looking at sales numbers, then lurked the forums and eventually posted when I saw something too stupid not to reply too. A thread saying XB1 would catchup and overtake the PS4 in the US. I replied to a user saying that the PS4 was only ahead because of launching a week earlier, 6 months after launch.

I didn't know then but the thread became infamous for the 'globally in the US' comment.

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Technically I joined in 2010 on a different account but I actively lurked this site in 2008-2009. I originally only cared about seeing the numbers for the Xbox 360 but gradually warmed up to the idea of making an account and actively engaging with the community.

I lurked for a few months before finally joining in 2007.

I joined because I was interested in Wii/360/ps3 sales at the time.

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Joined 2008 but was a lurker since the beginning

Made an account 1 months ago, but have been lurking without an account for 12 years.

Back during the early part of Generation 7 my perception was that the Wii and PS3 both looked like fun and solid consoles while XBox systems in general looked like a fad.  I was also visiting Gamasutra a lot to get developer's perspectives on gaming.  What surprised me was 1) they saw XBox360 as serious console, and 2) the Wii was extremely divisive.  They seemed to resent it while also being shocked at how well it was selling.  It made me realize how tech driven Western game developers are instead of being entertainment driven.

Because of that discussion, I started paying attention to sales numbers more.  Gamasutra would post monthly NPD numbers, for example.  Occassionally, like every couple of months, I would check the front page of VGChartz in order to look at worldwide totals.  I might briefly look at the forums once every few years, but I never looked long enough to get invested.    

Around the end of 2017 I spontaneously decided to make a list of my 100 favorite games of all time.  Shortly afterward I just happened to check VGChartz and saw that they had a "list your top 50 games of all time" thread.  Since I already made a list I decided to join, and I guess I got hooked in ever since.