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When did you join?

This year 1 2.27%
2019-2018 2 4.55%
2017-2016 8 18.18%
2015-2014 7 15.91%
2013-2012 2 4.55%
2011-2010 5 11.36%
2009-2008 11 25.00%
2007 or earlier 8 18.18%
snyps said:

I found VGChartz when RDR came out. I wondered if it was a successful game. This site gave me a little of that info. Though I didn’t realize how successful it was until I watched T2 stocks triple after RDR swept the VGAs. I don’t remember why I signed up. Probably a political or game argument. 

I left after the stupid “unity” fiasco. Some guy said Wii U would sell 250 million units and this huge argument happened. The guy had no idea what he was talking about. Kinda a cultist appeal. Made people like me who wanted Wii U to succeed feel a little pretend hope. I watched this place turn into lord of the flies for awhile. Private messages were spread in public. Things got real cliquey. The Place felt too toxic for me after that. 

I lurked since but I don’t even play video games anymore. I might occasionally turn on something from my pc collection but thats it. There’s some funny people here and the news it useful. I wish there were more GTA Online topics. 

JOHN MOTHERFUCKING LUCAS, these threads were great him vs @Mummelmann AAA reads!

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Joined in 2008 but have been lurking earlier. Join cause of the sales and the community of course.

COKTOE said:

What compelled me to join, as I have mentioned before, was to tell Squilliam to SHUT. UP. After that it was all Vgchartzgirl.

You mean VGChartz guy in real life...


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I found this site when I was looking for a comparison between PS3 and X360 (had 3 parts, and basically was showing slow progress in PS3 situation), it was around the time I bougth it in 2009. But I wasn't someone that liked to post in forum so I rarely entered to see the numbers and left, until I probably saw someone posting something very ridiculous and needed to reply. Will try to track my first post and thread it was.

Basically it was a mock review of GT5 because of all the hate it was receiving. I loved that game.

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John2290 said:
COKTOE said:

What compelled me to join, as I have mentioned before, was to tell Squilliam to SHUT. UP. After that it was all Vgchartzgirl.

You mean VGChartz guy in real life...

Oh, there was another. She had it all: Human female. Into video games....I even used to be friends with her. One day, I became her special friend when she chose me, and 1500 other people, to send friend requests to. She may still have the friend record. Her name was Vgchartzgirl.

Spurgeonryan was going to try to beat her record for most friends, so, nice guy that I am, and since she was long gone, decided to remove her from my friends to help him achieve this goal. Then he went and left the site. Now if Vgchartzgirl returns, I'll look like a fool, because of Game Judas, Spurgeonryan.

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I joined in 2016. I was reading a lot of Destiny news at that time, and a Forbes writer (Paul Tassi) linked here a few times. I followed the links and stayed around because of the sales info. I'm into business in general, and this is about as close as I've found to a gaming business discussion site for people that aren't insiders.

I was lurking for a year or two before joining.  I created a different account maybe 3-12 months before this one, but I lost the password.  So, maybe I really signed up in 2015.

Looks like we saw an influx of new folks in 2016-2017, I wonder if that was because of the Switch.

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Joined back in 2015. I'm a stat/math geek on top of being a gamer, so this site was like heaven when I first found it. I also liked the civil discussions between all sides and how it didn't resort to your typical fanboy console wars.

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I joined in 2015 so I could give my opinions to people around here. Then it was so I could not only give my opinions but also enact random acts of pretend violence.