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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - For or against GTA V on the Nintendo Switch


For or against it ?

For 42 89.36%
Against 5 10.64%

Car, GTA V serait un énorme succès sur Nintendo Switch, imaginez pouvoir jouer en mode portable et en mode TV dans GTA V.

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Why would anybody be against it? Maybe I'm not understanding the question...

Alright, I got, "Car" (very appropriate for GTA) (/s), "GTA V", what I think means "enormous success", "Nintendo Switch", "imagine", "in portable mode", "TV", and "GTA V".

So I'll just say yes, i'm for it.

sundin13 said:
Why would anybody be against it? Maybe I'm not understanding the question...

Exactly what I was gonna say. I mean I don't even like GTA but why would anyone be against one of the most popular franchises in the industry coming to Switch?

I'm not against the idea of GTA V coming to Switch, but I'm against GTA Online with every fiber of my being !!

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There is no reason I can fathom to be against it. GTA V is more than capable of running fine on Switch as it was originally a 7th Gen game. The online will be crap, but the single-player is there.
GTA V could've been on Wii U, but Rockstar never put any games on the Wii U.

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I don’t really see any technical reason why they wouldn’t. I don’t think it necessarily fits the switch’s user base though...

Why would anyone be against it??

Why would anyone be against a new game in a gaming platform?

Edit: lmao, half of the replies are the same 

I don't give a shit it if gets released on Switch or not.

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