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tack50 said:
JEMC said:
I'm from Spain, living in Barcelona.

Anda otro español :D

¡Saludos desde Canarias!

¡Muy buenas!

Lo creas o no, hay unos cuantos más por aquí, pero dejaré que se presenten ellos mismos XD.

Please excuse my bad English.

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curl-6 said:
mZuzek said:

I mean, I take it on the chin too, it can be pretty fun to see how stupid things can be said about where you live from clueless people.

Yeah true. Although I must say I've never been asked anything as stupid as whether we wear clothes before! I think the riding kangaroos thing is the silliest one I've encountered, and if you don't live here I can see how that might seem believable to be fair, haha.

At least that’s a cool image. The US thinks we ice-skate to work.

I’m from The Netherlands.

I live along a dike near tulip fields (in april anyway) and a windmill. And no deadly animal in sight.

EDIT: And near rivers and marshes and greenhouses and fields with sheep and fields with cows and fields with horses and more windmills and towns with canals.. It’s pretty filled with stuff here actually.

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I'm from a tiny municipality in the middle of Norway, but I live Stockholm, Sweden. Moved here in 2013.

I am from Paris btw

I like Nintendo and Sony but more than this I love video games

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Germany, but I'm living in Japan now.

Need something off Play-Asia?

You live in Japan ?! It's my childhood dream

I like Nintendo and Sony but more than this I love video games

YanisFromFrance said:

You live in Japan ?! It's my childhood dream

Yeah, around 13 years now in total.

It's nice, but it also has its drawbacks.

Need something off Play-Asia?

EnricoPallazzo said:
COKTOE said:

eu disse corinthians, nao sao paulo

Até os gringos tão ligados que isso é coisa do curintia kkk

Born in Quetta, Pakistan and my second city that I call home is Montreal, Canada. My family says might as well been a Japanese Hahaha and my English is adopted from all over the place as a mix of Aussie, British, American and others. My allegiance is to humanity, not to a specific nation

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