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Forums - Sony Discussion - Best looking PS console (Design)


I think the best is...

PS1 14 17.95%
PS2 14 17.95%
PS3 17 21.79%
PS4 18 23.08%
PS5 15 19.23%

Which of Sony's consoles has the best look to you, in terms of the design of the actual box?

Also, please specify which model. :)

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The PS3 Slim I think it was called. Its the one pictured below the original PS3.

Unpopular opinion, but I think the PS5 has the best looks, but maybe because its the only one that has a bit of design actually going on.
I think the PS3 has the worst looks. Look at that thing.
I think both PS2 and PS4 are just meh.
PS1 looks nice tho.

Still think the ps1 is their best design. They keep trying to be too designy... just give a black box to sit with my other black boxes, that’s all I need.

PS2 Slim. Easily.
Small. Understated. Simple.

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The silver PS2 slim is my favorite

Second place would be the fat PS2.

Roughly: PS3 Phat > PS3 Slim > PS1 > PS4 Slim > PS2 Slim > PS4 Pro > PS4 > PS2 > PS5 > PSOne > PS4 > PS3 Super Slim

There's a simplicity to the PS2 I really enjoy. I would say the PS2 and PS2 Slim are the best-looking. PS3 Super Slim is without a doubt the ugliest, and really the only design I don't like.
1. PS2 Slim 2. PS2 3. PS3 Slim 4. PS4 Slim 5. PS1 6. PS4 Pro 7. PS3 8. PS4 9. PSOne 10. PS5 11. PS3 Super Slim

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1. PS5
2. PS3
3. PS2
4. PS4 Pro
5. PS4
6. PS4 Slim
7. PS1 Slim
8. PS1
9. PS2 Slim
10. PS3 Super Slim
11. PS3 Slim

I have always been a fan of the launch models, with the exception of the PSOne.

PS2 and PS3 could honestly go either way. At the end of the day though, I prefer PS3, while the PS2 is more nostalgic. I was able to buy PS3 day one, while I looked at pictures of PS2 in magazines for about 3 years before I saved up enough to buy one.

PS5 is easily my favorite PlayStation Home Console now. It is up with the N64 which I absolutely love as well.

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Every version of PS2 and PS3 is butt ugly. PS5 is butt ugly. PS4 slim and Pro are butt ugly. PS4 is nice.

The only other console Sony made that looked good was the PSOne.

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