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Forums - Sony Discussion - Best looking PS console (Design)


I think the best is...

PS1 14 17.95%
PS2 14 17.95%
PS3 17 21.79%
PS4 18 23.08%
PS5 15 19.23%

PS2 slim.

Never owned one. Had an OG.

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1) PS One - The design is perfect. This is the stereotype for how every console could and should look. Compact, sleek, adorable, and functional.

2) PS3 Fat - Sexy as hell. Would be number one if not for how big and heavy it is. I still have mine and am still fond of looking at it 14 years later.

3) PS2 Slim - Skinny, mini, distinguished.

4) PS3 Slim

5) PS4

6) PS4 Slim

7) PS4 Pro

8) PS3 Super Slim

9) PlayStation

10) PlayStation 2

11) PS5

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PSone for me, fat ps3 I liked a lot. Funny since my least favorites are first playstation and ps3 super slim

All of the other ones look great to me

PS5 (I like it. Its a statement)
PS2 Slim (just so small and neat looking)
PS4 Slim
PS3 slim
PSone(its cute looking)
PS4 ProSlim. If you are below this your ugly.
PS3 super slim. (I would never purchase this. Looks shoddy like it could just break any second.

Original PS3 would be higher because of the build quality but the ps2 slim would fit anywhere unlike the PS3. 

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BraLoD said:

How can someone like the PS3 Slim design better than the original?
It's a worse/cheaper version of the same format.
The OG PS3 is the best looking home console ever, but I still like the PSOne simplistic design a bit better, it's so cute.

I way prefer matte finish in my consoles and loathe glossy plastic. My OG PS3 picked up so many little micro-scratches over time and I babied the thing. Also it was quite a bulbous looking in my setup. It was really well built though and probably one the most premium built Playstation ever.

The Slim is one of my favourite looking consoles. Despite its cheapish build quality, in terms of looks and design its pretty much there for me. Especially in vertical with stand. Classy AF :P

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Just found this beaut. I didn't even know Sony released this. Would have loved to have this in my collection.

hinch said:

Just found this beaut. I didn't even know Sony released this. Would have loved to have this in my collection.

Net Yaroze is one of the coolest dev kits out there.

Sony sent a golden PSOne to Notch (Minecraft creator) back in 2013, and I wish it was made available to the public.

Yeah the things you can find on the internet so many years after.

Haha blingy. I always wanted PSOne as well.. that one looks really slick.

Serious_frusting said:

PS5 (I like it. Its a statement)

Yes, it is:  "Beauty is on the inside."

Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

I chose PS2 mostly because of the PS2 slim, but I think that the best Sony console design is actually the PSP. It's incredibly modern looking still even though it's over 15 years old.