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Forums - Sony Discussion - Best looking PS console (Design)


I think the best is...

PS1 14 17.95%
PS2 14 17.95%
PS3 17 21.79%
PS4 18 23.08%
PS5 15 19.23%

Every version of PS2 and PS3 is butt ugly. PS5 is butt ugly. PS4 slim and Pro are butt ugly. PS4 is nice.

The only other console Sony made that looked good was the PSOne.

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The PS4 Slim. Although my favorite overall Sony designs was probably the Vita.

The PS4 slim and Pro don't come close to the 1000 series design for me.

I'd say PS4 (1000's) are best, followed fairly closely by the PS2 and it's slim model. PS5 is slowly growing on me.

PS2 Slim.

After that the Original PlayStation, then the PS3 Slim. PS5 is easily the ugliest, it's ridiculous, trumping even the PS3 grill one.

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Technically i would say PS4, but they have always been ugly

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PS2 Slim, not even a contest for me

Also you are missing the original PS4 and the PS5 Digital on the OP.

The PS2 Slim, out of sheer practicality. That bad boy fits everywhere, I wish they made consoles that small nowadays.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Aesthetically, I'd have to say PS4 looks the best.  The ironic thing is that it's my least favorite Playstation console so far.  In the end, the importance of hardware aesthetics pale in comparison the games that are actually on the system.

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1. PS2 full size, best looking console ever, not just best Sony one.
2. PS4 Pro
3. PS5-PS2 Slim-PS3 Slim

Worst: PS3 Super Slim. That case looks terribly cheap.

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