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Forums - Sony Discussion - Best looking PS console (Design)


I think the best is...

PS1 14 17.95%
PS2 14 17.95%
PS3 17 21.79%
PS4 18 23.08%
PS5 15 19.23%

I've always thought the ps2 was really ugly same with the ps4, Slim version of the ps1 and ps3 are my favourites

Shout out for the ps3 super slim being the worst,

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- OG PS4
- OG PS1
- PS1 One (slim)
- PS2 Slim
- OG PS2
- PS4 slim
- PS4 Pro
- PS3 slim
- OG PS3
- PS3 super slim
- PS5 (I want to actually look at the thing in person)

My favorites are the small ones. The PS One (slim) and the PS2 Slim
But, the PS2 slim was a little too brittle for my tastes, I wished it was a little more sturdy and felt less like it could break. I didn't always feel comfortable opening the DVD lid.

I didn't like the look of the PS3 nor the PS4 so neither the slim or OG models were to my tastes.

The OG PS1 and PS2 are elegant designs though, so while not my favorite, I do hold them up there as some of the best-looking consoles beside the Dreamcast, the Wii (black), the Switch, the Gamecube (yes I loved the cube, especially black and silver), the GBA SP, the DS Lite and the NES.

Standard PS4 is my favorite, then probably slim ps3.

The OG PS3 looked nice, but it's big and heavy.


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Tough one.

I'd say the PS2, but it's close between that and the PS3.

PS2 Slim. When they said slim....dam they meant it! Nothing compares to it when it comes to revamped slim designs.

For me, I love the original 60gb PS3. It was such a cool looking machine.

PS3 Slim, followed by the PS5.


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The little PS one is my favorite - just adorable.

The PS2 looks good standing up.

The PS3 fat looks great standing up.

The PS4 slim looks nice horizontally.

The PS5... uh, well... for now I guess I'll stick with the mantra of:  If you can't say anything nice...