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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5 will far outsell Xbox Series X, predicts analyst - what's yours ?

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What do you think

I am agree 50 57.47%
I have my own prediction 7 8.05%
I am slightly agree 10 11.49%
Yes , but 6 6.90%
No i am totally not agree 7 8.05%
Lets see and wait 7 8.05%

"Ampere Analysis' research director for games Piers Harding-Rolls today released a report sizing up where the console market stands as Sony and Microsoft prep their new systems for launch.

Harding-Rolls is convinced that innovation on the hardware, software, and business model fronts will help ensure it remains a primary form of gaming for at least the next generation.

Harding-Rolls expects Sony and Microsoft's sales to show a slight decline with the new generation, selling 103 million units combined through the end of 2024, compared to the PS4 and Xbox One's 109 million combined sales in a comparable stretch of time.

As for how that number breaks down, he expects the PS5 to have an installed base of 66 million by the end of 2024, compared to 37 million for the Xbox Series X.

However, Harding-Rolls doesn't believe the difference in sales pace won't be as pronounced early one, projecting the PS5 to sell 4.6 million units this year compared to 3.3 million for the Xbox Series X.

At launch, he expects both systems to hit price points in the $450 to $500 range.

Microsoft is better positioned this time around than it was with the Xbox One, but Sony's current market leadership over Microsoft, lineup of PS5 exclusives, and PlayStation's global brand allegiance "are especially hard to dismantle." he said "

My raw analysis PS5 will still win but Xbox SX will have slightly better sales performance than Xbox One , but overall both will decline in terms of total number.

SO what do you think guy's, do you agree or do you have other number prediction?

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Too difficult to say how well either system will do given the World's current state of affairs HollyGamer-San. Keep in mind that 2013 did not have something like COVID-19 to possibly derail the sales of the PS4 and the Xbox One. In addition, Microsoft gift wrapped an immense lead to Sony within their first two years of their lifetime. Microsoft could not recover from that.

Most importantly though is the fact that neither Sony nor Microsoft have announced the price for either system. In the United States, price is king. I understand that the U.S. is not the only market but Microsoft has been okay in Europe but has performed very poorly in Japan. However, I believe this statement will be more important due to the current circumstances at hand.

Hopefully the pricing though for both will be good.

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This analyst is dumb. We don't know a lot about each system yet. We still need to see what kind of games Series X will have, and we don't know the launch price of either system. It might help to actually have all of the relevant information before the "analyst" declares the winner based on their own personal bias.

Making predictions for the next years is hard withouth knowing price or line up.

However... i know FOR SURE both PS5 and XSX will sell way more than what they are predicting in 2020.

The record-breaking viewership for the PlayStation 5 reveal event I think shows that there is pent up demand for something other than indefinite "NintenDomination" out there, and more specifically for new PlayStation-related news. People are ready to move on from this era and the PlayStation brand seems to be where that readiness is landing for the most part as yet. I think there's still time for the Microsoft to impress consumers with the Series X, but based on the reveals so far and the responses we've seen, it's clear that the PlayStation 5 is currently seen as the early frontrunner in the next-gen console wars. That's what I will say.

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Of course the safe bet is on Sony. The company that is winning will most likely to continue winning.

That being said, I think it really depends on how much Microsoft is willing to take a hit...

I think at this point the Series X is a vehicle for Gamepass. At some point in the relatively near future (within 10 years I think), gaming will predominately be a Netflix like service. Microsoft really wants to be that service, and I think they may be willing to take a huge loss on the Series X hardware to make that happen. If they're willing to significantly undercut Sony and lose a few billion dollars, they may be able to significantly shift the market, at least to where it was last gen.

Microsoft have yet to make bad moves. So I think it is expected for the Xbox Series X to do better than the Xbox One. Beating the PS5 is in the least likely bracket imo.

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Minimum 2:1 unless Sony fucks up real bad.

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No way to know without pricing.

Even if both companies had the same market reach the XSX would be at a disadvantage here, as high end PC users don't really have a need to get one with all 1st party games being available on PC anyway. As the gen goes on more and more PC users will have the necessary specs to reach or surpass XSX settings.