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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS3 VS X360: So, who won ?

Leynos said:
Wii beat both in sales. PS3 was in second but barely. Wii has a lot of great games but the hardware sucks to use. Still have my HD twins hooked up.

Wii had a lot of great games... yeah, but only a fraction of great PS3 + Xbox360 games:

  • Wii had 14 games with a MetaScore of 90+, PS3 + Xbox360 each had over 50 of them.
  • Wii had 43 games with a MetaScore of 85+, PS3 + Xbox360 each had around 180 of them.
  • Wii had 106 games with a MetaScore of 80+, PS3 + Xbox360 each had over 400 of them.

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I think the most important question is; who cares?

Yeah the numbers look like a tie between the PS3 and Xbox 360.  However, I'll give PS3 and Sony the edge for climbing out of a huge hole at the outset and catching the 360 in sales and the "cool" factor having spotted the 360 an entire year of production.  Pretty amazing feat...

Sony made the right decisions after that first year, and in the end made the PS3 a great product based on price, features and most of all, great games.

Seriously, those last PS3 games were fabulous especially the Last of Us-- fully using the hardware potential of the Cell Processor.

Maybe the best decision the Sony leadership made was to hire Mark Cerny to immediately work on the the next PS4 console which made up for the failed launch of the PS3 and became the go-to console for gamers.  I've always thought between the Sony PS4 and a moderate gaming PC, you are pretty much covered unless you also want the Nintendo Switch games.

JWeinCom said:
Microsoft blew their advantage while Sony regained most of what they'd lost

So at the point the generation ended, Sony were in a great position but MS were quite weak.  This transferred over to the current generation.

I'd say this is the reason why Sony won the generation out of those two.  

Sony want to make money by selling art, Nintendo want to make money by selling fun, Microsoft want to make money.

Microsoft won because they took over the two most important regions in the console gaming space NA and UK. Not to mention thanks to the 360 generation Microsoft is now relevant and if rumours are true about the cheaper xbox one series s, I think they will take over NA and UK again.

Also, it seems PS3 lost all of the money Sony made on PS2 and PS1.

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360 sold more software. Ps3 edged out on hardware. Overall I’d call 360 a western dominated console while PS3 dominated in the East. Since I live in the west I’m happy with how it turned out.
Take away Japan and Ps3 loses its crutch that Xbox has to make due without. For the majority of us, we lived in Xbox country :)

Overall it was a strategic victory. Xbox tripled their hardware sales gen over gen while Sony’s was cut. That’s right, might be a DJ part-time. Because I know how to spin 

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Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


Financially both didn't meet thier expectations.
Commercially PS went from a 75% market share to 30%, form selling 5 times more units than XB to 1:1.
The XB went from 12% marketshare to 30%, and increased hardware sales by 4 times.
Commercially I think the winner is clear.
In fact the X360 effect on brand recognition and loyalty was so strong it allowed MS to stay relevant in the console space even thought they got everything wrong in the following generation.

But how many of those Xbox sales where due to RROD failures?

I'd say Microsoft was the short-term winner of that war, but Sony was the long-term winner. Microsoft came out of the generation better financially and also made enough money from the Kinect to offset their losses from the RRoD mess. However, the Kinect ended up sending down completely the wrong path for the Xbox One, and they have yet to recover from it.

PS3 could definitely have gone a lot better, but Sony shored up their first-party development in response to third-party developers tending to half-ass their ports for the system, and the PS3's having a Blu-Ray drive helped completely destroy HD-DVD in short order, both of which really paid off in the longer run.

I remember when GTA 5 came out, the ps3 quickly became the console to get. The game was on 360 but everyone I knew talked about it as a ps3 game. Before then it wasn't really relevant. Now of course the sales leave them asbasically equal on paper but I do wonder which will be remembered more fondly?
Also which console and it's software was more profitable?
It's all perspective I guess.