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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why Trials of Mana Remake didnt make any noise, unlike FF7 Remake.

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I have been playing ToM on PS4 for 1 month now and i dont understand why this game came and went, it got mediocre reviews and lukewarm sales. This is the best Mana game and first real attempt to a next gen level of graphics. Discuss.

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First and foremost, it comes down to the popularity of the source material. FFVII was a massive success all around the world while Trials of Mana was only released in Japan.

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The original FF7 is the one of the most popular and well known JRPGs of all time. Trials of Mana I've (and I assume many other people) never even heard of. It shouldn't be at all surprising that the FF7 remake had a LOT more attention. It's kind of like comparing a Star Wars remake with a remake of an indie film that few people have heard of, it's just not a fair comparison.

This is not a serious question it it?

* Mana series does not even have a fraction of the popularity of Final Fantasy. The Final Fantasy you are comparing it to is just not any  ole Final Fantasy.
* Mana had string of releases and... they were all meh to terrible. Children of Mana being the worst. I'll be real, that is the reason I have yet to pick up the game. Legend of Mana is the last excellent Mana game.
* There is nothing spectacular about the presentation. Very budget. Its not bad but I would not praise it. We have B class developers like Gust and compile Heart putting out more visual impression games.

Do any JRPGs get as much noise as Final Fantasy (well besides Pokemon of course)? FF has become the go to JRPG for the West and the West is the biggest market for console gaming. And in general the West has moved on from JRPGs like this. I mean, don't get me wrong they still sell and are decent games but not like more modern games of the genre. Not to mention the production values of FFVIIR are through the roof. People can tell they went all out. The same can't be said for a game like Trials of Mana or many other JRPGs.

Also in my opinion, Trials is the weakest Mana of the first 3 games. The story is just not interesting to me and the world as well is kind of not my thing.

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Part of it is because Trials of Mana never left Japan, whereas FF7 came to the West within a year of its release. Part of it is that the entire Mana series has sold significantly less than the original release of Final Fantasy VII alone. Part of it is that FF7 has a legendary status worldwide, whereas the only Mana game with a strong reputation is Secret of Mana, and even that game lives in the shadow of Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger.

Love and tolerate.

I expected a discussion about PS4 fan noises while playing these games.

TruckOSaurus said:
First and foremost, it comes down to the popularity of the source material. FFVII was a massive success all around the world while Trials of Mana was only released in Japan.

Pretty much this.

As well, of the Mana series, the most popular one is Secret of Mana which Square already took at shot at it 2 years ago.  It didnt get rave reviews but my friends and I still very much enjoyed this.

Also the Trials of Mana remake removed coop so that was a let down for me.

The impact of FF7 on the games industry cannot be ignored. Trials of Mana isn't going to put a dent in that.

I played Trials of Mana demo and find it boring and uninteresting. The reviews made me just skip the game for good

Final Fanatsy is a huge IP and FF VII is a classic, you're comparing games there aren't even remotely close to be compared popularity-wise