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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - We Need to Talk About Xenoblade DE's Resolution

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How do you feel about 378-540p resolution in a major 2020 release?

Doesn't bother me at all. 33 52.38%
It's not great, but I'm g... 5 7.94%
I'm a little disappointed. 6 9.52%
It's a big let down. Real... 6 9.52%
This isn't acceptable for... 11 17.46%
I'm putting my Switch in the microwave. 2 3.17%

It bothers me a bit

I actually don't care much for frame rate because it's an RPG, it's not a action packed game like Overwatch, so 30 FPS is fine

But 540p in a 4k TV is a bit... underwhelming. Hope they fix it

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Why do people bring up the 540p resolution on docked mode as  some kind of default setting when you'll see it only for splits seconds due to massive cluster and your most likely to play most of your time at 720p ....

Anywoo, if no one made this genre of remark before, it's because nobody was taking the resolution as the most important aspect the game should deliver. Litteraly the game from any footage we got so far look so much better already with the graphical overhaul that isn't even really a notable issue people were concerned before someone pointed it out.

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I dunno what there is to say really... If high resolution is that important to you don't buy the game. If it isn't, then buy away.

The resolution seems low but i do not know anything about what limits remasters.

For a few seconds, 378p is just fine. All the time? Nope. For a more detailed assessment, I would need more details though.

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While it's not a big deal to me, I can understand how frustrating it can be for some gamers. Who wants to play a blurry version of a game from 2010? Handheld performance of the game is solid so far for me, but it does get very blurry at times much like Xeno 2 but not as bad. What I don't like is people having an opinion that the game's resolution needs work or the game's geometry is still kinda rough, and some textures look outdated, and for others to act like those aren't valid criticisms.

Monolith Soft even said in an interview that they couldn't remake everything. This is a smaller team on XCDE. Even with all that being considered, this game docked for the most part is beautiful.

On a final note, while the Torna Engine is better, I wonder if moving to UE4 and eventually UE5 would help Monolith Soft better optimize their games. It sure helped Square Enix.

Still looks a ton better than a simple 1080p remaster of the Wii version would, so I am ok with it. With all the new assets and effects, it is no surprise that it fell short of that.

I will say however, I definitely expected more than what we are getting. Not a deal breaker, especially for a game that is so well recieved. But given the scale of games like Witcher 3 and BotW, I expected 900p docked and 540p - 720p dynamic in portable mode TBH.

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Don’t care. Looks beautiful and runs at stabile 30 fps.

I am a Nintendo fanatic.

I always avoided playing Xenoblade 2 in handheld mode, it reaches a extreme when even I was getting bothered by how rough it looked.

I'm not getting DE, but I would do the same in that case.

Doesn't bother me to be honest. I'm still looking forward to the game, especially since I've never played it before.