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While it's not a big deal to me, I can understand how frustrating it can be for some gamers. Who wants to play a blurry version of a game from 2010? Handheld performance of the game is solid so far for me, but it does get very blurry at times much like Xeno 2 but not as bad. What I don't like is people having an opinion that the game's resolution needs work or the game's geometry is still kinda rough, and some textures look outdated, and for others to act like those aren't valid criticisms.

Monolith Soft even said in an interview that they couldn't remake everything. This is a smaller team on XCDE. Even with all that being considered, this game docked for the most part is beautiful.

On a final note, while the Torna Engine is better, I wonder if moving to UE4 and eventually UE5 would help Monolith Soft better optimize their games. It sure helped Square Enix.