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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Unreal 5 Demo vs Series X Reveal


Which event got you more impressed?

Xbox Series X Gameplay Event 25 27.17%
Unreal Engine 5 PS5 Demo 67 72.83%
JWeinCom said:
Leynos said:

Scarlet is not exclusive. You can pre-order it now for PS4. That's not a typo. PS4.

Then I stand corrected.

Medium is the one that is going to be exclusive to Series X, and Scorn is going to be exclusive to Xbox famiy and PC.

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pikashoe said:
Well the Xbox reveal showed games that are actually coming out vs the unreal 5 demo that didn't. So the Xbox reveal automatically wins. The unreal demo had more wow factor but isn't likely to be a good indicator of what to realistically expect from these consoles.


None of the games shown are xbsx exclusive and pretty much all of them will come to the PS5 as well. Also there was hardly any game footage while the unreal 5 demo ran real time on PS5 so technically speaking, a game like this is very much doable on it. Possibly on xbsx too but this is not about the raw power because the opposite is also true, anything the xbsx can do, ps5 can do it as well.

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Call me old fashioned but I'm not really impressed by some midrange hardware running a highly optimized tech demo at 1440p and subpar fps. I have yet to see any games that would make me want to buy either console.

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Soundwave said:

Who cares, the XBox SX will run the same demo at likely higher performance.

[The PS5] puts a vast amount of flash memory very, very close to the processor,” says Sweeney. “So much that it really fundamentally changes the trade-offs that games can make and stream in. And that’s absolutely critical to this kind of demo,” Sweeney explained.
“This is not just a whole lot of polygons and memory. It’s also a lot of polygons being loaded every frame as you walk around through the environment and this sort of detail you don’t see in the world would absolutely not be possible at any scale without these breakthroughs that Sony’s made.”

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Soundwave said:

Who cares, the XBox SX will run the same demo at likely higher performance.

Many people care,that demo looked great and you do not know what Xbox would do with that same demo as it seemed to make great use of the ''special'' SSD that PS5 has.

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I was disappointed by Xbox gameplay event, mostly because I wanted to see more what the games are about.

But still, games are much more interesting that engine tech demo, which didn't even look that special to me. Valhalla presentation alone was more impressive.

Can't wait to see what The Coalition can do with UE5 though.

Sony obviously did a much better job getting people fired up for next gen. Sure, it was just a tech demo but it did look like it could be an actual game specifically designed to take advantage of the ps5's hardware and it was fully playable. Even my grandma can take one look at that demo and tell it's a big leap from anything we're seeing today. It didn't need stickers like "optimized for Series X" or 4k and 120fps. The demo was build from the ground up to push the ps5 to its limits at 30fps and 1440p and that's how we're seeing that kind of leap.

Of course, they can probably get the exact same demo running on Series X if they wanted to. The problem, however, is that MS doesn't seem to be going for pushing next gen visuals, Instead, they are way more focused on multiplatform/ smart delivery graphics that'll scale up and down their family of devices. So the question isn't really if that tech demo would run on Series X, the question is if they could still do it if it also had to run on Xbox One and the average gaming pc?

They'll have this exact tech demo running on a Series X internally. It would be years away, but it would be interesting to see it leak out one day and see if it is a bit better or a lot better on Series X.

Instead I think it'll be 4 years before we see truly hardware bending exclusives from both console makers we can put besides each other and go 'WOW'.

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WHat I'm really curious to know if how microsoft will keep taking care of retrocompatibility? Will we have more patches? I would love to play patched versions of games I havent played or that had very poor performance, like GTA4, the last guardian, be able to play The Witcher and other rpg's at locked 60fps etc.

If we are speaking next gen hype. The MS conference did nithing for me as everything looked currnt gen and was. No gameplay just ingame footage. While this tech demo was not even done by Sony so what's the point in the comparison? But anyways while it was just a tech demo, it sampled the possibility the ps5 could deliver and dis raise my interest. Its also fair to point out this engine is not even done and like the ue4 tech demo, devs pushed it farther than what the demo promised. Acording to the digital foundry breakdown.

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