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Forums - Sales Discussion - Animal Crossing: New Horizons 5 Million Digital in March - Single Month Record for any game

It's sort of the perfect storm as it's probably the best iteration of Animal Crossing, there aren't many other prominent releases around this time, and it's a nice compliment to the quarantine. It's quite funny to see 70% of my friends on Switch online all playing the game at once, some of them putting dozens of hours into it. Somehow it's got that oddly addictive appeal to it even though it's a pretty chill and passive game..

Me and like 5 other friends and their bfs/gfs just had an "Animal Crossing party" where we exchanged silly random gifts and did some island hopping. XD 


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FarleyMcFirefly said:
so thats at least 8 million that we know of then right? 5 million digital, plus 3 million physical in japan.

Yeah, plus physical in other regions (probably another 3 millions).

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5 million just digital is so amazing--it honestly seems unreal. Fantastic news.

newwil7l said:

Mario Kart 8 is in danger. This will have a 13m launch month making it the fastest selling Switch game by far. Who would have ever guessed that Animal Crossing would have been the biggest killer app for the Switch over Smash or Pokémon.

No, it's not...

Leggiest Nintendo game ever vs a fairly fast selling Nintendo game -albeit, AC might get the nintendo select treat someday-!

New leaf had also spectacular digital sales ( given to 3DS), don't be suprised to such an extent, it has also been inflated by the #stayathome effect.

AC:NL threatened MK7, still MK7 outsold it by 7m, eventually.

Keep in mind how far bigger MK franchise is in the Americas!

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Probably 10 million + rigth now, AC is such a beast.

34 years playing games.


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Anyone that doesn't believe AC is system seller can dig their own grave. Better yet I'll do a free cremation.

The game does not interest me at all but damn these are monster sales!!


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Wow that's crazy. So, well over 10 million for sure those first 10 days by end of March. Never would have guessed AC would be THIS popular.

Nintendo's next financial report can't come soon enough.

The game that will be remembered during the coronavirus era.

Pocky Lover Boy!