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Mine was...

Xbox 1 0.83%
Gamecube 5 4.17%
Vita 13 10.83%
Wii U 53 44.17%
Saturn 4 3.33%
Dreamcast 18 15.00%
Other 26 21.67%

Nintendo 64
Though it ended on a respectable 33m.

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Game Gear! I wish I still had it! :(

Dreamcast. I loved the console and had lots of fun with it. While it was out only a short time there are tons of great games! Played more hours on Dreamcast then on other better selling systems.

Mine is sad little Vita. Still play on it ps1 and psp titles from time to time.

Other: Tiger's handheld. <300,000 units sold

It was fun, for a time.

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Hmmm... the one that I bought with my own money has to be the Vita... Had tons of fun with it, and I still play on it once in a while

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Has to be the N-Gage.

Mobile gaming for the win

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I personally owned a Wii U (also Vita and Gamecube off that list). My brother had a Saturn and a Dreamcast.


Probably my Nintendo Color TV Game 15. Otherwise my Videopac G7000 (the Odyssey2). From the bigger systems in the OP the one I have that sold least is the Dreamcast.

The Pokemon Mini.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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