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I agree. Although considering the console is probably delayed until 2021 now, maybe that wasn't on purpose. They might just be pushing back their marketing plans too.

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Think of how Sony is the girl you have been dating for months and the picture of a ps5 is 'getting to third base'. And you find yourself complaining to your friends on the web because she doesn't put out, trying to find clues of why she is in the wrong.

The author trusts that ps5 will be just fine but is yearning for some imagery or something... (notice the first part of the sentence and think about it)
Microsoft gave us specs and a model. So everything people are now complaining about is the lack of a picture of the ps5?

The ps4 is still doing fine, with some major games still up and coming. The interesting monologue we have witnessed was clearly meant for just the GDC and afficionados. Which was planned and executed accordingly (somewhat)
Just hold on to your tights for now.

i agree, ps4 hasn't shown shit for gamers but for devs

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Neither the PS5 or Series X has really been "revealed" or "rolled out" or anything similar. They have been teased. So if people are saying that Microsoft is doing better so far, then it isn't surprising, because Microsoft is very good at teasing people. Their actual products kind of suck. But as long as we are in the teasing phase, then they really know how to present themselves without warts.

What does an actual "reveal" look like? It has games. Gaming is about games. Gaming is not about hardware. Gaming is about games. All of this hardware talk is mostly a red herring. It's just a tease. The actual "power" of a system is in its games. We won't know which system actually will look good for the first year (if either) until we know what kind of games it will have.

I don't think Sony has dropped anything; in fact, I think they are desperately trying to hang on to everything that made them successful this generation and take it with them to the next generation. It's much easier for Microsoft to move on, because they did so terribly, and they can't wait for the next generation to start.

In all seriousness, I really do hope the best for both of these consoles. They both have great potential and aggressive competition help us all.

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I just feel the whole marketing was off the moment all they showed was God Fall at the Game Awards and a Logo, I felt the Series X early bombshells has a lot to do and caught Sony off guard with there very unappealing marketing approach so far. Its almost as if they are hiding from attention due to the monster they created with the Series X.

This is the time of year you want to start advertising your console to build hype, yet it feels they cannot talk about raw numbers because their competitor has that advantage, they cant talk much about BC because their competitor has that and all they can talk about is a super fast SSD which is very cool in my opinion but their competitor also has one (Just no where near as fast).

Most of PlayStation's big IPs are releasing on the PS4 so expecting a GoW or Naughty Dog game would be years away while again their competitor has the game launch line-up advantage at the moment with a juggernaut in Halo Infinite etc.

I am interested in seeing more however its just marketing in the end, I never buy into it, its all in the customer friendly approach and quality games which is still a long ways off from seeing.

Well we barely know anything yet. Just some specs on paper. Lets wait until they at least reveal the console and see games running on it.

Yeah, they dropped the ball with the presentation. Of course it'll be fine if they up their marketing effort from here on out but when GDC got cancelled Sony should've changed the presentation of PS5. After all, it was the first public reveal besides the logo and it was not a good reveal in terms of growing consumer interest. As I've said before, Jim Ryan and John Kodera seem like those typical tone deaf suits that don't really know how to listen to and engage with consumers. But hopefully they'll be able to let professionals do their job.

Remember those predictions from when we still thought PS5 would be revealed in February? Some of it reads like fanfiction but the general idea would still be far better than the "GDC presentation" and I think Sony would be wise to do something along these lines before the PS5 launch (below is stolen from an FB gaming group and updated with a few details that we know of now).

PlayStation Meeting
February 20, 2020

Presenters: Shuhei Yoshida, Mark Cerny, Hermen Hulst, Yumi Yang, Angie Smets, Siobhan Reddy, etc.

PlayStation 5 is presented
Specs: 10.2 teraflops, 5.5 GB/S SSD, 3D Audio, Raytracing, etc.
Console design: details on how cooling is improved
Controller design: details on how battery time is improved
PS Network: details on how download speed is improved
Launch: Holiday 2020

Further announcements
Super-fast SSD: details on how games will benefit
Support for non-proprietary external SSDs: details on products available at launch
Backwards compatibility: PS5 will have full backwards compatibility with PS4 games
Support for VR: all VR games can also be played with the original PSVR

VR game announcements for PS5
Insomniac Games - Stormland
Valve - Half-Life: Alyx
Respawn Entertainment - Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
Ready at Dawn - Lone Echo II
Skydance Interactive - The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Studio acquisitions and game announcements
Bluepoint Games - Shadow of the Colossus is announced as a March PS Plus title
Kojima Productions - Silent Hills is announced for PS5
Remedy - Alan Wake 2 is announced for PS5 and Control is announced as a PS Now title
Guerrilla Games - SOCOM is announced for PS5
Cloud Imperium Games - Star Citizen is announced for PS5

Further game announcements for PS5 will be revealed around E3
As PS5 supports all PS4 games, upcoming PS4 games are shown

Updates on upcoming PS4/PS5 games (not enough time for all of these)
Activision - Call of Duty: Warzone is announced
Bandai Namco - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC
Bethesda - Doom Eternal
Capcom - Resident Evil 3 Demo is announced
CD Projekt Red - Cyberpunk 2077
Crytek - Hunt: Showdown
EA - Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville free with 1 month EA Access trial
FromSoftware - Elden Ring gameplay
Koei Tecmo - Nioh 2
PlatinumGames - Babylon's Fall, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta, and Vanquish
Riot Games - League of Legends: Wild Rift
Sega - Persona 5 Royal and Yakuza Collection. Sonic Forces is announced as a March PS Plus title
Ubisoft - Rainbow Six Quarantine and Gods & Monsters
Warner Games - Mortal Kombat 11 DLC
Square Enix - Avengers. Final Fantasy VII Demo available after the show
Indie reel - Temtem, Spelunky 2, Ion Fury, Disco Elysium, Little Nightmares 2, Super Meat Boy Forever, Blair Witch, Amnesia Rebirth, Insurgency Sandstorm, Vampire: TMB2, Sky: Children of the Light
Sony Interactive Entertainment - Predator: Hunting Grounds trial weekend
SIE Japan - Patapon Remastered
Polyphony Digital - Gran Turismo Sport update
SIE San Diego - MLB The Show 20
Media Molecule - Dreams will support mouse+keyboard and will be free across PS4, PS5, and PC with a business model similar to Unreal Engine
Sucker Punch - Ghost of Tsushima Story Trailer
Naughty Dog - The Last of Us 2 gameplay

Microsoft, I feel is taking a page from their old playbook. They wanted the 6th gen to end quickly--maybe four years after launch of the original Xbox. The prior gen was a loss but they were ready to unload with everything they had on the Xbox 360.

Of course, things didn't go perfectly and Sony was still a powerhouse, despite making a few missteps. Xbox managed to get a pretty good foothold in the console industry despite being looked at as "a Dreamcast" until late 2006.

Looks like M$ had kinda forsaken the Xbox One for the last couple of years to make sure the XSX is a success. I'm hoping for some great content from the studios they've purchased. I pretty much expect Sony to do well, even if they have a less the stellar launch. It's hard to bet against PlayStation. They always get it together pretty quickly and finish strong.

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starcraft said:
They've convinced a not insignificant amount of people that a weaker console has a secret sauce that makes it a market-leader power wise.

I'd say their marketing has been just fine?

If it was just fine we would not see this amount of negativity,it would be good if they react fast with a consumer friendly vid about the PS5.

All this spec talk can be overshadowed by the games this console brings us,and the specs can also be better understood if we get some ingame examples.