Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS5's marketing feels worse than PS4, while Series X's marketing is better than Xbox One's.

I agree. At this point, the PS5 needs to be much cheaper if Sony doesn't want to loose a lot of sales.
And of course the marketing strategy should completely change in the next few months.

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Gameranx covers this really well, cutting through all the hype and bore of both systems.

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Good to see this site is still going 

Azzanation said:
twintail said: 

MS and Sony have roadmaps for their reveals. They aren't just reacting to one another. This vid was the presentation for GDC, which happens to be now, or would have been.

Of course they have road maps, however road maps can be changed depending on the terms. If your original showcase was going to be about numbers and realized your competitor has the numbers over you, than re-strategizing isn't something new. Its smart. Its probably why Sony might have been quiet for some time. Again its all speculation, we will never know.

So what exactly is the re-strategy here?

They decided to have a GDC talk to let Devs know final spec info.

And that's what they did.

Well both have just spoken about specs and features at this point. Pretty boring from both of them so far. I guess MS is up a bit since they have at least shown the console. It will all come down to the games though.

Games. Relatively inexpensive console, that is all.

They don't really need to advertise it yet. You can see how much it is anticipated from the response from just revealing a logo.

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This was always going to be the case, really. Xbox One marketing was just MS punching themselves in the face, and PS4 marketing was pointing back at MS, laughing, then promising everyone "don't worry, we're not doing that."

I say give it two and a half more months, and if Sony messes up the first consumer reveal of the ps5, then I will be worry

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Azzanation said:
vivster said:

Wishful thinking doesn't make it true.

Sony has both more brand power and more attractive 1st party games, which is the thing that always pushes them above the competition. The X360 had everything going for it while PS3 massacred itself and it still won out in the end. Same thing happened this gen, though with slightly more help from X1. And the same will happen in the next gen. If Sony can win when everything is stacked against them, then they'll win even harder when they start out equal or even slightly behind.

At launch they didn't have the better 1st party games nor the brand power if we are carrying over from the 360 and PS3 era. 

PS5 vs Series X is a different story where PS has the brand power of the Xbox brand due to the success of the PS4 vs XB1. However launch games could possibly go Series X's way with launch titles like Halo Infinite being heavily focused around the next gen consoles and marketing.

However will wait and see what Sony announces for PS5's launch games. 

What are you talking about? Sony hasn't lost a single bit of its brand power since the PS2. That's why people were flocking to the PS3 despite being objectively the worse option. In the end they pulled it out with constant support and a breadth of first class exclusive games. And they took exactly that proven track record over to the PS4. People had to buy the PS4 because they wanted to have the best games again. Hell, TLOU and UC alone made people choose PS4 because of the promise of sequels. And in this gen Sony just continued to deliver top exclusive games even late into the gen while X1 did not and tanked. Even in PS4's last year it gets a mega blockbuster like FFVII Remake all for itself. What do you think people will buy to get the next part of the game?

People know this and will once again choose PS over XB because it is basically guaranteed to have great exclusive games yet again, including high demand sequels of PS4 games. At this point the PS5 is too big to fail, because it builds upon an incredibly stable legacy. That's brand power at work world wide and not just globally in the US. That is what brand power is. People will buy your product not because it is good but because they trust that it will be good.

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Microsoft has been more punchy and consumer centric in their communication thus far, indeed.

The meat of teh marketing is yet to come though, pricing, games etc

Angelus said:
This was always going to be the case, really. Xbox One marketing was just MS punching themselves in the face, and PS4 marketing was pointing back at MS, laughing, then promising everyone "don't worry, we're not doing that."

No, Sony had a compelling reveal in Feb 2013 and an amazing E3 showing. They didn't do anything special with PS4 but they've taken a very different route with PS5 drip feeding in very dry announcements (first the base details, then the logo, now this tech breakdown (even if intended for developers).