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You concerned yet?

Yes 88 48.62%
No, but I will be followi... 50 27.62%
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Chicho said:

When the tomato debate went to court they did decided to tax it as a vegetable because most people refer to it as one but they added "although botanically speaking they are actually a fruit." so i guess i speak botanically. I don't care that much if people want to call it a vegetable so this will be my last comment on the matter.

It's flexible

Under new school lunch guidelines released by the US Department of Agriculture, pastas made with potato, soy, or other starchy vegetable-based flours will be considered vegetable servings. Even if the included types of pasta aren't served with a recognizable veggie on the side, the pasta itself is still considered a serving of a vegetable, under the new rules.

I think fries also count as a serving of vegetables in the US school system, pizza is as well.

I didn't know there were different tax rates for fruits and vegetables. To court lol!

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Yikes, California had almost 10000 new cases yesterday July 10th, why is nobody talking about them?

Nothing to see here, move along

Immersiveunreality said:
COKTOE said:

Roger Roger.

It's insane they even add skincolour to this.


Chinese food for breakfast


2 days after the US crossed the 60k new cases mark were ar 71k new cases today...

jason1637 said:
2 days after the US crossed the 60k new cases mark were ar 71k new cases today...

Deadly cases tend to infect for 3 to 8 weeks. About 3 weeks ago it was 20,000 infections per day in the US, 8 weeks ago it was 18,000 infections. The damage being done right now won't be fully realized until August and September.

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The week ends with a bang, again. 237K new cases today, over 12.6 million total and 562K reported deaths.

Daily reported cases are growing steadily, about 111% compared to last week, deaths are starting to go up again as well.

The USA is going up at 116% week over week change, +65K daily avg. Reported deaths are now also going back up, 900 daily avg atm.
The last 7 days had 4575 reported deaths, the same amount as 3 weeks ago, up from 3886 for last week and 4186 for the week before last.

Europe lost its downward momentum, first time since June 18 that Europe sees a week over week change above 100%.

Comparing the continents

North America stays ahead of South America, closely followed by Asia.
Africa keeps increasing the most week over week and passed the half million last week (563K currently, +17K daily)
Oceania is firmly back on the graph :/ Australia, or rather Melbourne is the sole reason.

A few in detail

The USA is well ahead of Brazil again. Brazil is actually slowing down a bit, level for the week.
India keeps steadily increasing at about 125% of last weeks numbers.
Iran is suddenly changing direction after staying level for weeks. Progress or temporary miscount.
Canada, all 4 big provinces slightly increasing again, keeping an eye out for that.
Japan and Australia are both struggling with new outbreak(s). South Korea still fighting it.

Current situation in the USA:

Pretty bad week again, and another local case popped up as well.

So good time to ask to re-open the border right?

In an open letter addressed to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, 29 bipartisan members of Congress called on the Canadian government to plan a phased reopening of the Canada-U.S. border and to consider easing existing measures.

"We are asking that the United States and Canada immediately craft a comprehensive framework for phased reopening of the border based on objective metrics and accounting for the varied circumstances across border regions," read the letter, which was published on Western New York Congressman Brian Higgins' website on July 3.

"We understand the importance of prioritizing the safety of our communities as we all navigate the complex calculation of minimizing public health risks and resuming economic activity. However, the social and economic partnership between our two nations necessitates a clear pathway forward," the letter read.

The current restrictions are set to expire on the 21st.

Despite the United States' plea, a spokesperson for Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland told in a Friday statement that the health and safety of Canadians is "absolutely priority." 

"Since the beginning of this global pandemic, we have been having friendly ongoing conversations with our American partners about our shared border. Both sides agree that the current measures in place, which are set to expire on July 21st, have worked well in restricting non-essential travel while allowing essential crossings to continue unimpeded."

That's the polite answer. The answers from Twitter

Higgins posted the open letter in full on his Twitter page and he was swiftly met with backlash on the social media platform.

"No thank you...clean up your backyard before you attempt to enter ours..sincerely Canada,"
"most of our earliest cases came from the U.S. So...... that's a firm 'no'. Sorry, eh."

Other users called the request "disastrous" and multiple accounts said they’d only be comfortable easing restrictions after seeing improvement in the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S.

JRPGfan said:
vivster said:
US going full steam ahead to catch France in deaths per million. If they continue like that they'll have caught up by the end of July.

USA is gonna fly right pass them.

France : ~650 cases today.
USA : ~61,000+ cases today (theres still like 3 hours of updates left, and some states havn't reported numbers, so it could climb up abit).

Around 150k deaths, the USA goes past France.
Harvard believes USA will go above 200k by October or something like that.

So by November, USA will probably go past : France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, and be edgeing up on the UK.

Wouldn't be too sure with a country that is so bad at counting. At this point I'm expecting an executive order to stop counting altogether, that makes it a federal offense to use a test on a person.

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One of the most alarming symptoms of the virus is its propensity to mentally regress senior citizens into toddlers.

Almost 72,000 cases yesterday and theres still americans that refuse to wear a mask, even when given one for free, and explained that you only need to wear it, while your shopping amoung a crowd of people, so you dont infect others....

"One of the most alarming symptoms of the virus is its propensity to mentally regress senior citizens into toddlers."

Hahahaha.... that line, with the video.
Still something tells me, she was the same way back when she was 30, as she is now as a 77 year old.
Its a childish temper tantrum, is what it is.

Pemalite said:

People are stupid. The United States lack of appropriate action in curbing the spread of COVID-19 is absolutely evident of that.

Allowing people "free reign" has done fuck all... Clearly it doesn't work... And clearly the Government needs to employ some direction and actual leadership and stop being an absolute joke on the world stage.

Baskets of deplorables... endless fields of them..

Pemalite said:

That is because I am a winner in life.

There can only be one winner and he's the President. Take comfort in that though because it also makes him the biggest loser, so they say..

Pemalite said:

You are only looking at it from a binary perspective.

I guess I'm not the only one then..

Pemalite said:

And that is selfish free-for-all mentality that gets people killed. Good job. You are part of the problem, you lack empathy for other people.

If they don't make the new year because of delayed treatment due to making the right moves for everyone I'll be sure to let you know..

Who am I kidding? I won't care anyway. I'm selfish..

Pemalite said: 

I protect life, property and the environment.

I run into burning buildings with 300'C/600'F temperatures while other people run out.
I scale down cliffs on a couple of pieces of rope to pluck someone who has fallen down.
I head out to sea with 8-10 meter/26-32 feet swirl to pluck someone from a sinking boat.

I am not adverse to making myself uncomfortable to protect another individual.
I am not against giving up a little of my time to ensure that someone is safe and healthy.

And by giving up some of my "freedom" and staying in lockdown for a few weeks, I have ensured that other people are safe and healthy and can continue their much enjoyed freedoms at a later date when lockdown is lifted.

Everyone is in this together. Don't be selfish, I literally got the moral high ground on this one Eric.

And when the power goes out to a hospital, and the back up generators unfortunately don't fire up, who get's up in the middle of the night and does what's necessary to get the power back up asap for those needy people? Or maybe an old folks home in the middle of the freezing winter or dead heat of summer. Gotta fix the pole line in this case? Mother nature doesn't care. The storm ain't going anywhere, so save yourself, them, or try to do both as safely as possible. Sometimes all don't get saved, and sometimes the help goes along with them.

Luckily for Earth there's more than just one superhero..

Though I, respect that you do what you do.