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Seems MS might take us back to the golden age of the Xbox 360 with this one. I'm actually gearing up for the reveal soon. That said, why do people think having a PC aesthetic makes it a PC? I still find that annoying.

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Ryuu96 said:
Ryuu96 said:


Nevermind, this is referring to the year progress in total, plus it hasn't been tweeted by their main Twitter so it's likely nothing.

99% of what's tweeted from non-us xbox accounts are nothing.

Ryuu96 said:
Yup, slightly related but Xbox really needs to improve it's international marketing coming into next gen, though that's a Microsoft issue as a whole, where only US/UK exist.

Yeah, haven't seen Xbox marketing for years in Germany. There might be some but nothing I recognized. 

It's already for certain that they will lose most markets next gen because they are too similar to PS and especially gamers from the European countries will just buy the next PS forever to play games like Fifa but that doesn't mean that MS doesn't have to try to get at least a decent share in those PS markets. 

I hope they will also market Gamepass a lot for next gen. Right now it feels as if MS just hopes to let word of mouth do any work for them but if they market it right, it could help to sell a lot of consoles when every console gamer really understands what he will get with that on an Xbox.  

Late to the convo but MS would be better off trying to buy Konami or Bethesda than CDP, one studio is not worth that much idc what the market says only Rockstar would be at that level.

Don't care much about the name one way or another. It's an Xbox, I'm gonna ultimately call it Xbox in conversation with people. The model name being Series X....shrug….they're moving to a standard tech naming convention. What's there to say about it. It's fine.

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I actually could see them talking about the specs of the console at CES, because that's exactly the type of venue where you would talk about things of that nature in detail. Sure, you could wait to do it until some big blowout event where you show off games as well, but why bother? For the casual audience, all those tech details are gonna go over their head anyway, it won't mean much to them, and all you really gotta tell them is what it ultimately means for their experience. How does your product compare to the competition? Is what I'm buying here faster/slower, stronger/weaker, cheaper/pricier? That's the general gist of things you have to hit on when presenting your product to the masses.

But at an environment like CES....go ahead and talk about the tech in detail. Not like you gotta worry about tipping your hand to the competition at this point. Sony can't turn on a dime and ship an entirely different product later this year because of something you're talking about now.

Redeemed my 1 month EA Access code and started playing the campaign of Battlefield V.

Wow what a shit show. The first proper act has the worst mission design of an FPS I've seen in years. 2 chapters of stealth missions without ANY kind of stealth weapon (ignoring the knife for melee attacks). If you're detected even once you can already reload your checkpoint as there will be ~20 enemies swarming to your position. Multiple grenades and rockets will fly at you and if you're lucky a flamethrower guy will pop up right next to you.
Talking about checkpoints there are barely any to speak of, maybe three per mission.
The last chapter of the act is equally annoying. Hordes of enemies (trucks with soldiers, armored vehicles, tanks and planes) come at you while you're playing king of the hill. This feels like it's supposed to be played with at least 4 players, but nope you're basically on your own.

Battlefield never had amazing campaigns but all were at least tolerable and some quite decent. This act which is 1/4 of the campaign however already sucks very hard and I'm not looking forward to playing the others.

I'm indifferent to the name but I think that MS could probably have handled it better. Series X is a pretty long one and I'm not quite sure how the second model would fit into this naming scheme. The sequel to Series X I mean. Don't think that Series X2 or Series 2X would give consumers a clear idea on what exactly it would be. Something simple like Xbox would have worked better as they could just add Series 2, Series 3, etc. to it just like with Elite controller. Ofc, don't think that it will matter that much, as it would still be called just Xbox among gamers as it always was since the original one. Even 360 which was considered to be a great name for a console (it truly was) was called just Xbox most of the time.


trunkswd said:
Ryuu96 said:

Odds of seeing Xbox Series X news at AMD panel is growing!! :O 

I would be surprised to hear nothing about Xbox Series X at AMD conference at CES today. The question is - will it be something new or something that was already known long time ago but 99% there will be some talk about it especially considering that RDNA 2 GPUs are most definitely to be the main focus of this conference. The Phil Spencer tweet though gives us idea that the chip is finished so no more changes to it can be made. Xbox Series X SoC is finalised. 


Ryuu96 said:

Megaton, Xbox's ass revealed.



2x USB-C

2x HDMI 2.1


I can't see the picture!!

It's blocked at work!!