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Crash Bandicoot vs Spyro

Crash Bandicoot 9 50.00%
Spyro 9 50.00%
Ryuu96 said:

Klob liked this Tweet, hmm, definitely seems like he has found evidence of another acquisition.

If its a Polish studio then my hope is that it's either

1. People Can Fly

2. TheFarm51

3. Bloober Team

4. The Astronauts

Listed from most wanted to least

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There's another FIFA punchcard on the Rewards app which is almost the same as last time.

Buy 250 FIFA points ($2.49 or $2.24 with EA Access) and get 5000 Reward points (worth $5.38). ~$3 profit.

Offer available until January 13th.

Jurassic World Evolution is so addicting and good :P Thanks Barozi!

KiigelHeart said:
Jurassic World Evolution is so addicting and good :P Thanks Barozi!

Yeah I saw the score you gave it on TA. Seems like you like it even more than I do!

I beat the base game in 4 days, playing anywhere from 7 to 10 hours a day.
Even decided to go for the grindy achievement for unlocking all database entries.

shikamaru317 said:

I'm actually surprised that State of Decay 2 hit 10m players before Sea of Thieves did. MS announced 10m for SoD 2 back in August. It seemed like SoT got tons more free advertisement from streamers and youtubers, it had alot more people playing it on Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube than SoD 2 did. 

Either way, both did well. I'm sure that a new State of Decay from Undead Labs is in the works, hopefully they go full on AAA with it. Don't know if Rare will make a sequel to SoT next gen, but at the very least I suspect we'll see a few more years of content support for the 1st game, since it will still be playable next gen thanks to backwards compatibility. 


Edit: Nevermind, wikipedia is lying to me. The wikipedia page for SoD 2 says that it hit 10m players in August, but the source link article only says it hit 5m in August. That error has apparently been on the wiki page for months, I remember seeing 10m months ago, and it is still there. 

SoT is probably MS biggest new IP of the gen. I wonder if their gonna have Rare work on a SoT2.

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Finished the Battlefield V campaign. Skipped the last act as that was a) added after launch, b) doesn't have an achievement attached to it and c) is probably as bad/meh as the others.

So I already mentioned how the first act is nothing but stealth sections... without any kind of stealth weapons.

Now the second act is.... drum roll..... nothing but stealth! But at least this time you have a method of taking out soldiers from a distance with throwing knives. And only a few meters into the first mission you can find an obvious placed silenced pistol.
Still, it's not very fun. Nazis can spot you incredibly fast. Just pop your head out from the side a tree for a fraction of a second and a guard will immediately notice something and investigate. Did I mention that the chapter plays at night? And everything is covered in snow? While your outfit is not exactly white, it would still be pretty hard to notice a dark outfit at night right next to a dark tree.
The worst thing about this whole thing is, you can basically just sprint through everything. Probably not on the hardest difficulty but once you're noticed there is no point in fighting everybody, especially when they're calling reinforcements. Never died once by just running through and there's usually a checkpoint or cutscene right after an enemy encampment.

Lastly there's act three. A lot better than the first two but they still had the balls to include a forced stealth section (and an optional stealth level). So around 70% of the whole campaign is about stealth. In a Battlefield game... what were they thinking?
Here I noticed something that I would usually call a glitch but happened more than once and I don't think it would happen in MP so I guess it's a campaign exclusive. Enemies on mounted machine guns can't be headshotted. I was standing right next to one and hit him ~10 times right in the head and nothing happened. (Also got video evidence of that one).

All in all I finished the campaign (without the added act) in 4 hours. And that is with a lot of retries in act 1 that went as far as watching a youtube video how to get past a certain point.

Truly disgusting campaign and if it wasn't for the MP which might be a little disappointing but overall still pretty good I would've given the game a 4/10.
Battlefield V gets a 6/10 from me. Easily the worst Battlefield game every created and I played every single one of them (including stuff like BF:Heroes).

Damn, that's a fine looking box....

I found the BFV campaign to be quite lacklustre also, so much so that I don't even remember anything from the campaign itself apart from a moment on a bridge and being in a juggernaut suit and melting everything around me.

I also remember running through some segments too, it does work on the hardest difficulty. Thankfully, I did enjoy the MP.

EspadaGrim said:
shikamaru317 said:

That leaves possible acquisition targets for MS in Japan as White Owls, Grounding Inc, Experience Inc, and CyberConnect 2. With Platinum scratched of this list, CyberConnect2 is the only large studio still on the list, the other 3 are more single A tier than AA.

White Owl and Grounding seem more likely every day, both studios would have to be seriously beefed up though but would still likely be developing AA titles.

I don't think White Owls acquisition is happening. Swery is already working on Deadly Premonition 2 for Switch and a game in a collaboration with Suda51 (yeah, it looked more like a joke when they announced it but he recently confirmed that they are indeed making it). Grounding inc. is a possibility maybe but they haven't made any game since Crimson Dragon. Hard to say for sure if it is a studio worth buying.


Ryuu96 said:

The removal of HDMI-in port and especially IR blaster is quite disappointing. Probably, it means that I would need to keep my Xbox One connected to TV which is gonna cost me 1 HDMI port in TV. MS seems so obsessed with removing eveything TV/media related in Series X that it wouldn't surprise me if this console's OS will have similar functionality to Switch OS.


Barozi said:
KiigelHeart said:
Jurassic World Evolution is so addicting and good :P Thanks Barozi!

Yeah I saw the score you gave it on TA. Seems like you like it even more than I do!

I beat the base game in 4 days, playing anywhere from 7 to 10 hours a day.
Even decided to go for the grindy achievement for unlocking all database entries.

I have 5 starred the first two islands. That takes some serious doing, not sure I will bother doing that with the next few Islands, will just get through them to finish the game.

It keeps putting annoying micromanagement in between the games best elements and the player. I get that we're meant to set up our facilities optimally so that dinosaurs are happy so that they wont keep destroying fences and forcing you to abandon what you're doing to catch them. But there seriously needs to be a way to automate helicopter tranquillisers and fence repair. Have it cost me resources by all means, but forcing me to micromanage it is annoying.

The other main issue is how slow it is to get moving in a park. I am getting better at this, but its really still challenging to get momentum.

Still really enjoying the game. I think fundamentally its just a bit too binary. If you get off to a good start it won't throw up many challenges you can't deal with. If you get off to a bad start, it won't give you a reasonable chance to catch up. Perhaps the later islands are a bit more diverse.

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