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Meh. I don't miss my CRT. Heavy as fuck and the image wasn't as good. Don't really see a difference in input lag, especially when using Game Mode on my 55 incher. And if I'm playing old school games on it, I do it with emulation, so it's nice and clear.

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think-man said:
Leynos said:

I don't see Cybernator or Metal Warriors on it or The Soul Blazer trilogy.

It's very simple to add those games onto the Mini SNES. 


I have a Framemeister and a Retrotink setup in my game room. I have most old consoles, I've gone pretty crazy on getting CPS2 and CPS3 arcade boards working on consumer equipment. I've contemplated re-getting a CRT. Then I decided to check out the input lag on the emulators, since I felt the same thing with input lag and CRTs at school (Setup a retro arcade for my students last year). My conclusions? Using the 240p suite; Genesis GX input's lag was as good as a Genesis plugged into a CRT. This was me using a dualshock 4 wireless on a 10 year old Sharp LCD, which I would imagine had more input lag than newer T.V.s (Or less since there's less post processing). BSNES had 3 frames of input lag, which I find ironic since that emulator's author insists all emulators have input lag (Which was proven 95% false with my testing of Genesis GX), yet it was really only just his emulator that was bad. Between this revelation and the CRT shaders that are out there now, I feel like getting out of the rabbit hole. I find an emulator has too many advantages over original hardware on a CRT. I mean, I go between hardware for my Street Fighter games and emulator, and it "feels" the same. Are they the same? No, putting them side by side is going to show a different timer. But how often does anyone play anything side by side like that?

I have a 20 inch Sony Trinitron but it's too small for PS2 games and I don't play anything older than that, but I'm glad I have it, na mean.

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flat triniton Sony TVs are THE best way to play any system that uses coaxel or component cables as the main option. Hell even the Wii works better with a flat screen CRT.

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I have a 36" 480p CRT in storage. Those things are just too big and heavy for the screen size.

The original Zelda Wind Waker and Dragon Quest 8 look so friggin' gorgeous on a CRT

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haxxiy said:
Digital Foundry did an article about this a while back. Made me envious of one of those Sony FW900 monitors.

Now, I know cost and weight were the main factors on the CRT -> LCD transition, but on retrospect it seems a bit mind boggling people took at face value that those 768p LCDs you can't even look sideways, with fixed resolutions and framerates, were the next big thing.

I think the main driver was screen size.  CRT was limited to 36 inches (or so) while when LCD first launched 42+ inches were common.  Screen size, IMHO, drove adoption of LCD over CRT.

True enough. I was thinking more in terms of PC for some reason though.






Landale_Star said:

CRTs are great, this was my pretty flat, 38 inch (roughly) CRT with my older consoles. This was comparable to a washing machine in weight. Excuse the dust, or don't, but it's there anyway! I had to part ways when moving though, it was just too much. I wish I'd just suffered the pack pains and extra trip to take it with me.

Hey, what game is this? Taking a guess it looks like a Shining Game but I don't think I've seen this before.

I still have my old 19" Toshiba from 1997 (model CE19G10). It replaced my old Sears-branded 13" Sanyo (model C539-14426) from 1986. It's a damn good TV, and most games all the way up to early Gen 7 look great on it. However, later Gen 7 games started to look kind of odd on it. Maybe it's just the TV's age? Or maybe it's because stuff was starting to have higher native resolutions than 480p? But standard-def stuff still looks good on it.