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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The cuts for the Sw/Sh dex were worse than even the most pessimistic predictions

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This is not worse.. Most people said about 400.

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Gardevoir is in, yes!

Ljink96 said:

Eh, I may be in the minority but I really don't mind. The only PKMN I'm sad about not being there is Absol. The exclusion Of Mewtwo but including Mew is strange though. You'd think if they included pre evolutions that they'd include the entire line of evos. RIP like every legendary and starter, lol.

I get it, not having well over half of the roster is a bummer but I'm at the point where I value new experiences over just more Pokemon or including all the Pokemon. Granted I'm not a competitive player whatsoever. Man, Thanos got busy.

I’m in an even smaller minority who thinks 400 is likely still too many from a gameplay perspective. I can understand people who like to collect hundreds of random things, to me that’s not exciting or interesting. Smaller numbers of new Pokémon which fill in a new play-style or strategy niche seem more interesting to me. Also, after playing a but of pokémon Go, what really caused me to lose interest was the overabundance of unrecognizable Pokémon rather than the famous ones.

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400 + the new ones. That's quite a healthy number, I'd say.

If I end up skipping this game it certainly won't be because of the number of Pokémon.

Replicant said:

400 + the new ones. That's quite a healthy number, I'd say.

If I end up skipping this game it certainly won't be because of the number of Pokémon.

400 including the new ones, so ~305 old ones.

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Inb4 Magikarp splash attack is OP

eh, couldn't care less about cut old Pokemon. I wouldn't even mind if there wasn't even a single pokemon from old gens in the game.

But only 95 new Pokemon? Now that's just sad!

Chrkeller said:
So the game has 400 Pokemon? Seems like a lot to me. Granted I'm new to the series. I can't imagine collecting all 400.

As far I recall, Sun/Moon, the previous gen, had a little over 300 Pokemon to catch in-game, however you also had the ability to trade across other gens to bring other Pokemon into the game. They wouldn't be counted into your Pokedex, but you could still use them in-game and competitively (as far as I I really don't play competitive Pokemon). If these 400 all exist in-game...than as far as I can tell its an upgrade for me personally.

I wouldn't say the issue the OP is concerned about is a complete non-issue...but I think the issue does get a misrepresented somewhat. I can't speak for every game, but the entire National Dex doesn't generally exist in the game world itself, if you really planned to collect the entire series' catalog of Pokemon the last few generations, you'd be forced to endure quite a bit of tedium to trade across your previous games, or use the in-game trading feature to collect them from people online. So while its true the game is missing content, I question how much of that content is really valuable outside of the competitive fanbase, or certain players that like to use a select pre-determined team every game.

I do hope the game gets an update to allow the rest of the catalog to be traded into the game for those players above, but as someone who is generally only concerned with the game world itself, its looking pretty promising to me.

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There is rumor that once you beat the game the pokedex expands to over 600. I don't remember the exact number cause I've been dodging spoilers as best I can. Either way, if this 600 thing is true or not, well it is what it is. Disappointing but whatever

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What was the most pessimistic predictions?

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